Mischa Barton bulges her eyes for photogs at the Diesel Ginza Flagship Store Opening Party at Conrad Tokyo on Monday in Tokyo, Japan.


I think she’s looking great 😉

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  1. ben=love Says:

    OMG she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. MJ Says:

    Ginza! I know exactly where that is! I used to live in Tokyo for a few years.

    Awesoooomeeee. Mischa looks great.

  3. name Says:

    she should have never left the oc, she killed her caree and the show.

  4. ben=love Says:

    name, I don’t think that is necessarily true. To be honest, Season 4 was a breath of fresh air! Marissa was extremely complicated and the show needed something different for the last season. 😀

  5. ben=love Says:

    Sheldon, here is a random poll idea I came up with. 😀

    Favorite Couples’ kiss?

    1. “Dice” – Ryan/Marissa
    2. “Paint The Silence” – Ryan/Marissa
    3. “Champagne Supernova” – Seth/Summer
    4. “Something Pretty” – Seth/Summer

    It’s cheesy, huh? 😆

  6. amira from indonesia Says:

    mischa looks great as usual .

  7. m.m. Says:

    just beautiful 🙂

  8. sobjective Says:

    What’s great! One day in USA, one day in Tokio. Wonderful life! But a little bit stressed, ins’t it?

  9. jordan Says:

    ya i know one day shes in engaland the next shes in tokyo wtf

  10. MJ Says:

    Oooooh Ben=Love, nice poll idea.

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