Question: Your favourite O.C Female?

Answers: Julie, Summer, Kirsten, Marissa, Taylor

Number of Votes: 222 – 47 Votes up from previous week.


1st Place – Summer – 94 Votes

2nd Place – Marissa – 63 Votes

3rd Place – Julie – 31 Votes

4th Place – Taylor – 35 Votes

5th Place – Kirsten – 9 Votes

Thanks to everyone who voted. The next poll is now up. Please help me by suggesting future polls for me to choose. You can suggest in the comments or on the forums here. Thanks ;)

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20 Comments on “LAST WEEK’S POLL RESULTS: POLL #9”

  1. Pia Says:

    I promise to think about Polls and get back to you ;o)

  2. m.m. Says:

    i try to think something too 🙂

  3. m.m. Says:

    what about: in witch episode had a song, Asthar Command – Into Dust?
    1. The Risky Business (2nd season)
    2.The Pilot (1st season)
    3. The Day After Tomorrow (3rd season)
    4.The Chrismukk-Huh? (4th season)

  4. ben=love Says:

    Why Marissa? I hated her, personally. She was such a train wreck. But! Her and Ryan were an awesome couple, but still… 😐

  5. jordan Says:

    go summer!

  6. Mat Says:

    Summer Rocks!!!
    And talking about Summer…where’s Rachel?? I miss news about that cutie.

  7. name Says:

    how come caitlyn wasnt up there?? i totally would have voted for her, she was awesome!!!

  8. Daniel Says:

    hey sheldon,
    good to see poll numbers consistantly going up…
    what about..
    which was your favourite season finale?
    1. The Ties That Bind (Season 1)
    2. The Dearly Beloved (Season 2)
    3. The Graduates (Season 3)
    4. The Ends Not Near, It’s Here (Season 4)

  9. Daniel Says:

    or how about…
    Who should Julie of stayed with?
    1. Jimmy
    2. Caleb
    3. Dr. Roberts
    4. Frank Atwood
    5. The Bullit
    6. Stay Single

    u might want to rephrase the question..

  10. ben=love Says:

    The favorite Season Finale one has already been done! 😉

    Kaitlin was awesome, that is for sure! 😀

  11. savetheoc Says:

    Name: I totally forgot to put Kaitlin in, sorry.

    Daniel: Thanks for the suggestions. I know that we have done the season finale one already… I also think we have done the Julie’s best man poll (I think, I can’t remember, lol. Can anyone remember it or am i just losing it? :D)

  12. m.m. Says:

    no, i dont think that Julie´s best man poll has done already. ot was just fav. man character in OC. or something like tha.

  13. m.m. Says:

    what about Favorite scene?
    1.When Ryan and Marissa first kissed.
    2.When Seth talked Ryan about how he made up Chrismukkah.
    3.when they all graduated? (That made me cry 😦 🙂 )
    4.When Marissa told Ryan that she loves her, and Ryan said “Thank You!”

  14. ben=love Says:

    I cry my eyes out when I watch the Graduation scene.

  15. m.m. Says:

    it was sad, wasnt was like happy thing, they all graduated, but just soo sad. I didnt cry on my graduation, and nobodys else, but this was just sooo good 🙂

  16. nilsen Says:

    hey to you all…

    what about your favurite live performance at the bait shop:

    – rooney
    – the walkmen,
    – the killers
    – the thrills
    – modest mouse
    – death cab for cutie,
    – the subways

    ( i know these are not all / but i think the most important )

    greetings nilsen

  17. jordan Says:

    i didn’t know the thrills played live there but i know the rest go death cab

  18. savetheoc Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions everybody, i’ll definitely use some of them 😉

  19. m.m. Says:

    i just watched the 88 minutes, and it was great, just that Ben was so little time in it 😦 ;D But still…looked hot 😀 😛

  20. edereks Says:

    what about something like “who was the worst marissa’s date??” and then list all the persons who marissa dated. I think it’ll be interesting.

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