Mischa Barton did a photoshoot for the May copy of Dirrty Glam Magazine. Here are the pictures below:


Thanks to our affiliate, Mischa Barton Central for these images 😉

Site Notes: We reached 1,200,000 Page Views yesterday 😀 and, just a reminder about the poll, it’s really heating up, so get your vote in!

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  1. amine Says:

    It’s nice to see that people are still visiting. They O.C. will really never die 😉
    I’ve voted like three times just to see Ryan Atwood win, lol 😛

    THE O.C. 4 EVER

  2. Rudolph Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I’m stunned so I can’t say anything more. 😀

  3. ben=love Says:

    Pretty, 🙂

  4. amira from Indonesia Says:

    all I can say : fashionable and I love it:D

  5. foxbraodcast Says:

    honestly she looks bad in these shoots

  6. name Says:

    she has lost it, she does not look good at all in these photos. And she did an interview on aussie TV last week, again she looked bad, and counded like an air head. Kinda a shame, but she has definatley lost, the looks and career after leaving the OC

  7. bea Says:

    I can’t agree taht she lost her career after leaving the OC, she have a lot of movies coming out soon and she is a really good actress.

  8. Pia Says:

    She looks pretty ,o)

    I need your help…. I cant find the oc crossroad radio ANYWHERE, im super sad!!!! I LOVED to listen to the music when ive surfing the net… Please help me guys ;o)

  9. Pia Says:

    Hello ,o) hope you really can help me ;o)

    Take care yall and goodnight from Denmark

  10. ben=love Says:

    The OC Crossroads closed down, I think. I haven’t been able to access the website in AGES! 😥

  11. Pia Says:

    Ding it, that pretty much SUCK!!!! But thanks anyhow sweetie….

    Night night ;o)

  12. Kevin Says:

    God…where’s Rachel?? I need to see some news about her!

  13. ben=love Says:

    😀 WHERE’S BEN?! 😆

  14. ben=love Says:

    I actually didn’t enlarge the photos before, I just saw the thumbnail and assumed they were pretty; they are actually not very good photos of Mischa, sadly! 😦

  15. mswillow2u Says:

    The thing is that I’m not a huge fan of hers but had to admit that she was extremely beautiful and I’m sure she still is very pretty. She has just had a lot of bad hair. I think she looks like she is trying to mix up the way she dresses where as before she dressed in a very classic way. She is a bit older and I think a tiny bit heavier altough still very thin before she was too thin and I honestly think she just looks kind of sad. I may never be a big fan of hers but that’s not because of the way she looks or even her acting ability.

  16. mswillow2u Says:

    I’m sorry . I want to clarify my pervious comment. I still think Mischa is very beautiful and will probably have a long successful career.

  17. m.m. Says:

    yes, she doesnt look so good in these pic. but, hey 🙂 we all have our bad moments 😉

    but, as i see, Ben is missing again, yes?! 😀 oh man..miss him 😦 😀

  18. savetheoc Says:

    Pia, ben=love: The OC Crossroads has closed. The old webmaster, Rom, is busy working on another website.

    It was a very nice website, I know… It sucks that it’s closed!

    Oh, and I haven’t seen any new Ben news around. If you see any, let me know 😀

  19. Pia Says:

    Ding!!!! Sad…

    I havent seen or found any Ben news either, but let you know when i do ;o)

    To Ben=Love, I totally agree with you about the pics off Mischa… I didnt enlarge them either at first….

  20. Pia Says:

    Found this vid, its old but never seen it posted on this site, so enjoy guys, its very short and you dont see to much off our hottie Ben, see for yourselves ;o)


  21. Pia Says:

    Ben is on from 1:11 ;o)

  22. Beck Says:

    Well these pics do look really french style and arent the best but i think the clothes and photographer are at fault perhaps. The third pic is pretty good but i must say I have seen better shoots of Mischa 🙂

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