Question: Your favourite O.C Male?

Answers: Sandy, Ryan, Seth, Jimmy, Caleb

Number of Votes: 322 – 100 Votes up from previous week.


1st Place – Ryan – 158 Votes

2nd Place – Seth – 134 Votes

3rd Place – Sandy – 19 Votes

4th Place – Caleb – 6 Votes

5th Place – Jimmy – 5 Votes

Thanks to everyone who voted. We were up by 100 votes this week! Please help me by suggesting future polls for me to choose. You can suggest in the comments or on the forums here. Thanks ;)

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9 Comments on “LAST WEEK’S POLL RESULTS: POLL #10”

  1. savetheoc Says:

    I just want to say that I agree fully with this poll. Everyone is positioned where I would have put them. Good job guys! 😛

  2. Amy Says:

    my favourite has to be Seth 😉
    but I like all of them

  3. m.m. Says:

    well you all know by now, that i voted for Ryan..couse i just looooove Ben 😉 😀

  4. maracujá Says:

    I’m not sure if it was already a poll about this but i think that “Your favourite OC couple” would be nice 😀

  5. maracujá Says:

    Sorry for the english but i’m not a native speaker.


  6. jordan Says:

    i liked seth better and at the start he was winning but then people started voting for ryan then rayn won

    now in this poll death cab only has two votes come on people!

  7. ben=love Says:

    Like my name says (not my real name, but my user name thingy, lol) BEN=LOVE! No matter what role, shape or form he comes in, whether it be Ryan Atwood or whatever the hell else, he’s just logic. 😀

  8. Pia Says:

    Have to say im also very pleased with the result ;o)

    Ben=Love, did you find the vid i posted off Ben??? Its under the hidious photo take off Mischa, lol!!

  9. ben=love Says:

    My internet is slower than my grandma on a broken bike in the snow, so, lol, I’ll def watch it later!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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