MAXIM’S HOT 100 FOR 2008!

The Maxim Hot 100 for 2008 list has been released. Our girls, Olivia Wilde, Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton all made it on the list. Well done girls!

Mischa Barton – #22

Rachel Bilson – #28

Olivia Wilde – #97

Thanks to Amira for letting me know about this 😉

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15 Comments on “MAXIM’S HOT 100 FOR 2008!”

  1. ben=love Says:

    Congrats ladies! You SO deserve it. 😀

  2. David Says:

    Yay! ITA, dont mess with the Newport vixens!

  3. Beck Says:

    woohoo i know this is a bit petty but Mischa beat Rachel! Go Mischa!

  4. m Says:

    as if Mischa beat Rachel.. lol, what a joke

  5. m.m. Says:

    well done girls 🙂

  6. dan Says:

    i love all 3..bias to mischa n rachel
    but mischa between rachel!?!
    they are both hot! but come on!?!

  7. dan Says:

    *mischa beat rachel

  8. Laura Says:

    They’re all attractive.
    IMO, Rachel and Olivia both beat Mischa by a million miles though – especially Rachel.

  9. Mat Says:

    They really think that Mischa is hotter than Rachel? what a joke!!!
    Rachel is much hotter than Mischa! All crazy tsc..tsc..

  10. Beck Says:

    Mischa won- thats it! Shes way prettier than Rachel and Maximun hot 100 agrees.

  11. Josie Says:

    Well the list is a bit ridiculous I have to say. Ashley Tisdale before Vanessa Hudgens as well.

    Thing is, in every other sexiest women list Rachel has come before Mischa so I’ll let the Mischa fans have this one if it makes them happy.

  12. dan Says:

    nah sorry…
    rachel should definately be infront of mischa..
    shes way hotter!!!!

  13. jordan Says:

    i think mischa pic is better but overall rachel is still hotter

  14. jordan Says:

    are any of u checkin out the forum
    i’ve been on there for a month now and its the best oc forum ever

  15. sabrins Says:

    i think rachel is way cuter then mischa because you know she’s so lovable and i can see why mischa beat rachel but to me rachel wins and …. autumn reeser was number 57 why didn’t anyone add her in or maybe im thinking of the wrong year or something this is how it goes to me
    4.olivia(which is weird because she’s number one this year but if you look at her face like really look at it her hairlines weird its like a barbie dolls and she has wrinkles lol but she’s still really hot)

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