Mischa Barton attended the Brittan’s Best 2008 Awards on 17 May 2008.


Picture Credit: MischaBartonCentral



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9 Comments on “MISCHA BARTON @ BRITTAIN’S BEST 2008”

  1. m.m. Says:

    she´s gorgeus 🙂

  2. savetheoc Says:

    Yeah, lately everytime I see her, she looks better and better. 😉

  3. jordan Says:

    ^^ tru

  4. ben=love Says:

    Very beautiful! 😀

  5. Beck Says:

    Absolutely Stunning Mischa!

  6. ocfcb Says:

    She looks awesome!

  7. She does look beautful but I feel kind of bad that this young, thin, more than pretty girl has been shamed by the press to loose weight and to look a certain way. I was kind of proud of her for just being herself for awhile but I can’t blame her for trying to please others. It’s a very hard position she in.

  8. nilsen Says:

    ja no doubt, she’s very beautiful…

  9. amira from indonesia Says:

    everytime a new picture of mischa comes, she becomes more more beautiful .
    i think this is her best make up and look for a while . love it

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