Question: Your favourite Live Performance?

Answers: Rooney, The Killers, Death Cab, Modest Mouse, The Subways

Number of Votes: 287 – 35 Votes down from previous week.

Save The OC Poll #: 11


1st Place – Rooney – 117 Votes

2nd Place – The Killers – 77 Votes

3rd Place – Death Cab – 71 Votes

4th Place – Modest Mouse – 11 Votes

4th Place – The Subways – 11 Votes

Thanks to everyone who voted. Sorry for not updating the poll in the last 2 weeks, school’s been pretty hectic. Please help me by suggesting future polls for me to choose. You can suggest in the comments or on the forums here. Thanks ;)

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4 Comments on “LAST WEEK’S POLL RESULTS: POLL #11”

  1. maracujá Says:

    I liked the Rooney show but my favourite was the show of “The Walkmen”, when they played “Little house of sauvage” 😀

  2. queen_e Says:

    Rooney was the best ! Luke was so funny in that episode!

    Oh dear, I really miss the O.C 😦

  3. Amy Says:

    I agree with you, queen_e.
    I thought Rooney was probably the best, and I loved how hilarious Luke was in that episode! 🙂

  4. savetheoc Says:

    Haha, yeah, Luke is what made that whole live performance so awesome. definitely memorable 😉

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