I was just taking a break from studying when I came across a few pictures of Rachel departing from LAX Airport in Los Angeles which were taken on June 2, 2008. Funny I didn’t notice them before. Anyway, here they are. Enjoy!


And I also found an HQ picture taken of Rachel, Hayden and another co-star at the ‘Jumper’ DVD Press Release on June 3, 2008. Which is the picture below:

Also, the current poll which is up at the moment will end tomorrow evening, so get all your votes in before then. Thanks to all the dedicated voters who have continued voting multiple times for thie favourite choice, if I’m not mistaken, we have already passed 1,400 votes! 🙂

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  1. Sarah Says:

    She looks stunning and gorgeous as usual!! =DD
    …but I thought Hayden’s hair really weird in this pic

  2. ben=love Says:

    Just amazing! Looks prettier everyday it seems.

  3. Rudolph Says:

    Hayden is a lucky dude. :p

  4. nanna Says:

    i love her, she so beautiful!

  5. kim Says:

    she is so f* HOT! hayden man, i wish i was you 😉

  6. Mariana Says:

    yes she looks georgeous!!!
    i like him, but his hair looks funny xDD

  7. Mat Says:

    She have the most amazing and beautiful eyes…she’s so gorgeous…and I agree with Kim…she’s really f* HOT!

  8. Pid Says:

    There nothing beautiful about her features, thank you hair and make up though

  9. Ida Says:

    She’s my nr.1 idol, she’s so great and I LOVE her scarf! so pretty 😀 ❤

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