Question: What Is Your Favourite Season 2 Storyline?

Answers: Alcahlic kirsten, Julie’s Porn, Lindsay Issues, Seth/Summer/Zach Triangle, Ryan/Marissa/Trey Incidents.

Number of Votes: 1,667 – 1,478 Votes up from previous week.

Save The OC Poll #: 13


1st Place – Alcaholic Kirsten – 614 Votes

2nd Place – Seth/Summer/Zach Triangle – 534 Votes

3rd Place – Julie’s Porn– 357 Votes

4th Place – Ryan/Marissa/trey Incidents – 144 Votes

5th Place – Lindsay Issues – 18 Votes

Thanks to everyone who voted. The numbers for this poll were up by 1,478, wow, thanks so much for all the voters who took part in this poll! Please help me by suggesting future polls for me to choose. You can suggest in the comments or on the forums here. Thanks ;)

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8 Comments on “LAST WEEK’S POLL RESULTS: POLL # 13”

  1. ben=love Says:


  2. name Says:

    the poll numbers are up because you can just keep re voting, where as the old poll you had to wait 24hours before re voting. but in saything that the new poll is much easier to use, so cheerss

  3. samie37 Says:

    Hey love your site can you please go to mine

  4. daniel Says:

    i think this voting method is soo much easier!!!

    congrats on the big numbers!

  5. savetheoc Says:

    name: Yeah, I know, I did that on purpose. I like a huge competition, lol.

  6. hanna Says:

    best season ever! 🙂

  7. Rudolph Says:

    This picture there brings back so much memories…:'(

  8. Bobby Says:

    Some times in life their are shows that make you feel like your part of something, and when thats taken from you, it feels like a peace of you is going to be missed forever. The show is over and the cast members will move on, but the fans will always wonder what if. Even in my mind and heart I would love to see a season 5, but maybe it is best that the show ended on top. I wrote this paragraph the night of Febuary 22, 2007 and it makes me sad to know that I was right. R.I.P. OC

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