A new, but old, promotional picture for The OC Season 2 has surfaced. It looks amazing 🙂 The picture can be enlarged.


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17 Comments on “NEW ‘OLD’ SEASON 2 PROMO PICTURE!”

  1. m.m. Says:

    Ohh, im gonna cry 😦 too sad, why did they end the show, whyyyyyy?? 🙂

  2. Fadila Says:

    I miss the OC so MUCHHHHHH

  3. Amy Says:

    awww, I LOVE IT!!

  4. Pia Says:

    Ben looks so sweet and yummi ;o) Very good pic, indeed!!!

  5. maracujá Says:


  6. ben=love Says:

    WTF is wrong with me lately! This picture (as well as the Meesh + Mindy pic) has lft me in tears.

    Oh my BENJAMIN! Do you know what you do to me???

    *nostalgic as anything and can’t stop the tears from falling* 😥

  7. m.m. Says:

    Ben=love i know what you mean, and going trough, ..
    oh i miss Ben 😦

  8. mswillow2u Says:

    Thanks for the picture and I love the new banner at the top of the page. I notice Ben is the only one wearing shoes on the beach, I guess that’s so he’ll look as tall as Mischa for picture.

  9. Sarah Says:

    oww!! Rachel and Adam were together in this pic! I miss they together do much…and of course the all cast as well!

  10. oc_biggest greek fan Says:

  11. oc_biggest greek fan Says:

    hey please contact with me cause i have some photos and i’ld like to upload them but i dont know how

  12. jordan Says:

    im using this pic as my backround lol

  13. emma-australia Says:

    I love it! Adam and Rachel are so cute here.
    Hopefully more to come? Amazing how it just surfaced after 4 years.

  14. Sare Says:

    Oh…I Miss Them All!!!
    And Ben McKenzie Is So HoTT!!
    I Think of him all the time!!!
    I LOVE THE O.C.!!!


  15. jade Says:

    Oh i miss the o.c.
    i wish you could mack more seassons.
    i love all of them

  16. Prcious green 4rm nigeria Says:

    I love the oc so much,so much than every one can think,it has been part of ma life,especialy when ryan and anna helps seth to get summer and when ryan got to know marrisa and the little misunderstandin dat came between ryan and marrisa cos of oliver e.t.c. I would have love to be part of the o.c if i could be permited tnx.

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