I’ve never heard anything so stupid in my life. According to this website, The OC is one of the top 25 worst drama TV shows of all time! They positioned The OC at #22, What a joke! The website has a comment section, I think we need to let them know that they’re totally idiotic, and The OC desreves to be on the Top 25 TV show drama’s of all time.

PS. This was just posted so that we can laugh it off because it is definitely laughable 😀 we all know that The OC is 100 times better!

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23 Comments on “THE OC: #22 OF TOP 25 WORST DRAMA’S EVER!”

  1. Amy Says:

    at least it got lower then one tree hill… 😉

  2. lovintheoc Says:

    yeaah, and one tree hill has of course less drama than the oc. maybe its just on #22 because it doesn’t run any longer (sry for my bad english, i’m from germany 😉 )

  3. nilsen Says:

    why to mention this page ? there are always stupid sites, votings and comments about everything. the oc is one of the best drama series ever and thats honestly a fact… 🙂

  4. compulsivewriter Says:

    i agree but why r u giving that website such importance… they obv dont know what they’re talking abt!

  5. jordan Says:

    im gonna warn u im about to get so argry

    WTF are they smoking? They are so far form the truth its not even funny. The website is 1 on THE WORST WEBSITES EVER! Go watch cordination street

    now i got my anger out:d

  6. jordan Says:

    oops 😀

  7. savetheoc Says:

    I just had to mention this page to make the owner of that site looks like an idiot, ’cause he obviously is one!

  8. ben=love Says:

    That is an absolute disgrace. I’m so angry right now, but like you said Sheldon, it’s laughable to even think these people have nothing better to do with their time than list this…which isn’t halfway truthful. :Z

  9. brian Says:

    I think if you read the comments underneath their list The O.C. is fairing pretty well. I just added mine, putting them number one on my worst websites list. Never heard of them before now and I can see why.

  10. amira from indonesia Says:

    this is a joke, what ???!!! the oc is one of the best tv shows of all time !! it has many viewers too, up to 12 million viewers per episode .

  11. D Says:

    Who are they to say oc is is 22nd worst show. that is absolute crap!!!
    I just watched the thanksgiving eppy of season 4 now and all my oc emotions were coming back!!

    it was an ausome bloody show!!! mabye there was a typo and it was the 22nd best drama show of all time 😀

  12. Daniel Says:

    just went on to that site and read the comments from people.
    pretty hilarious there is such a backlash from oc fans!!

    but I 1000% agree! OC was and still is the best teen drama ever..followed by gossip girl 😀

  13. ben=love Says:

    It’s just bull $h!+ like WTFFFF? eh? No worries. WE KNOW BETTER THAN THOSE ASS-HATS! *smiles at the use of Summer’s line in “The Blaze of Glory” S02E16. 😀

  14. savetheoc Says:

    haha, they are ASS HATS! Im loving all of the comments from The OC fans 😀

  15. amira from indonesia Says:

    i just bought an indonesian teen magazine that THE OC is one of tv series that we can learn from in real life . and THE OC was ranked in indonesia, was one of the TOP TV SERIES OF ALL TIME, with the drama, the actors and more . so that list is a joke !!!

  16. Pia Says:

    They really are ASS HATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can the oc even end up at a list like that… I wonder… especially since its THE BEST teen show EVER… And actually not just a teen show!!!

  17. emma-australia Says:

    I’m angry that The OC is on this stupid, biased list. I hate how everyone just judges The OC as a shit show based on Season 4.
    The thing that struck me more on this list, however, was Penn Badgley in the Bedford Diaries – check out the ‘do!

  18. hanna Says:

    wowww thats the most fucked up list ever

  19. Rudolph Says:

    Love the comments section of this particular site, it’s full with “Why the hell is OC on the list?” 😀 Great! I’ll add my comment right now.

  20. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Yeah, I know, I love reading them lol. Good job everyone 🙂

  21. OC Says:

    I love love love The OC, I want it back so bad!
    And as for the list, that’s messed up, they don’t know anything.


  23. Aaron Says:

    Hmm. Don’t you guys think you’re a bit overreacting?

    It’s just a small, harmless list, made by a small, harmless site made by people who are simply voicing their opinion. It’s fine if you disagree, but it’s a bit much to a grand mal fit of rage over what other people thought, don’t you think?

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