It’s been more than 18 months since Adam Brody and fellow “O.C” starlet Rachel Bilson broke off their relationship, but it seems he’s finally ready to find love again — or at least have a fling.

Brody attended a lavish birthday bash for talent agent Eric Podwall at the Motley Bird Nest on Saturday night, partying alongside the likes of Rumer Willis, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado. However we’re told that he was drawn to one super-hot blonde in particular, and the two were caught canoodling before leaving together in the early hours.

Information & Picture:

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  1. Amy Says:

    I wish he’d get back together with Rachel.. 😦

  2. jordan Says:

    ^so tru!

  3. ben=love Says:

    Aww, Adam + Rachel were such a cute couple! <33333 As long as he’s happy, that’s good enough for me! (not really, but that just sounds good, lol) 😉

  4. sofie Says:

    He’s mine ladies ! 😉 hahaha

  5. jamey Says:

    NOOOOOO!! I won’t stand for this, lol. I want him to get back together with Rachel. 😦

  6. monisek Says:

    hehe, right. if he’s happy, i’m happy 😀 he’s looking hot btw 🙂

  7. Sarah Says:

    They were so happy together! They need to get back

  8. jordan Says:

    that would be good but i won’t happen unless the do like a movie together or something which again won’t happen

  9. Lolliepop Girl Says:

    Forget Rachel! She is with HC, and looks happy. Isn’t it time Adam had some happiness!?

  10. Aishah Says:

    Hmm i thought there’s nothing goin on between Rach and Hayden.. They’re just good friends ya?

  11. jordan Says:

    nop they have been dating for a while

  12. lark Says:

    @ nop they have been dating for a while

    Yah… dating for CONVENIENCE – cheap craps!

  13. kateee Says:

    at least seth and summer are still together… lol

  14. Mariana Says:

    i wish hes back with rachel. They were made for love each other

  15. Greg Says:

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