Celebrities scheduled to appear at TEEN CHOICE 2008 include Chris Brown, Scarlett Johanssen, Zac Efron, Pink, Jaime Pressly, Danica Patrick, Selena Gomez, JoJo, Minka Kelly, Jesse McCartney, Chad Michael Murray, Chace Crawford, Kristen Bell, Drake Bell, Mischa Barton, Brittany Snow, Hayden Panettiere. Additional performers and presenters to be announced soon.

I can’t wait to see the pictures after 😛

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7 Comments on “MISCHA BARTON TO ATTEND THE TCA’s 2008!”

  1. jordan Says:

    when are the teen choice awards?

  2. ben=love Says:

    Aw the TCAs! Remember in 2003 when Ben/Mischa and Adam presented The Donnas and Ben says, “Why are we here?” then Adam is like, “did we arrive late are we leaving early?” and Mischa says, “or did we just lose out tickets?” then Ben’s like, “Noooooo.” and so on and so forth. So cute. I love that!!!!

  3. ocfan24 Says:

    She looks sooo cute on this pic

  4. amira from indonesia Says:

    even mischa is not nominated for anything, at least she is presenting an award.

    i hope that she is not presenting award for gossip girl cast and wins the nomination, thats gonna be so weird. but it’s okay

    cause JOSH SCHWARTZ said in a interview that he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again (the oc) in gossip girl, as if he made the oc just for an experiment.

  5. savetheoc Says:

    aww, all of this voting reminds me of when I used to vote like crazy for The OC and it’s cast at the TCS’a 2 years ago 😦

    Amira, agreed, that would be weird… But, pretty funny at the same time!

  6. Laurennn Says:

    aww i hope Rachel wins her award for Jumper
    and i also hope that Gossip Girl or Chuck get awards as it would be great for a Josh show to win again 🙂 xx

  7. jordan Says:

    when is the award show??? i want to watch it

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