Mischa Barton graces the cover of this month’s cover of Cosmopolitan France. I think it’s the July edition, I can’t read it, lol. French fans, help us out 🙂

Edit: It’s the August issue!


Source: Mischa-B.com

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  1. fiesty Says:

    That’s the August issue.

  2. savetheoc Says:

    Ok, thanks alot 🙂

  3. jordan Says:


  4. ben=love Says:

    The cover image isn’t that nice. WTF is she wearing anyway?? Pic on the 3rd page however: divine!

  5. Whit Says:

    Wow she looks great in the 3rd page.
    And the bottom of the 2nd page its says (basically)….
    Misha and her boyfriend/love
    Walking her two dogs in Soho New York
    In 1997: Lawn Dogs
    Her role of Marissa Cooper, with Benjamin Mackenzie, from season 3 The OC

    Incase that helped anyone…

  6. savetheoc Says:

    Georgia, I agree with you, like mischa-b.com said, it looks like they went a bit crazy with the photoshop! Mischa’s perfect as she is, but she’s not barbiedoll perfect!

    Whit, thanks for the translation 😉

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