One of our readers, Spyros, has kindly submitted two spectacular The O.C season 3 promotional pictures into the site. The first picture is a photoshopped copy of a season 3 promo which now has Mischa Barton included in it and the second is the same picture which is on the season 3 DVD boxset, which I have never seen the promo online before. Thanks Spyros 🙂

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  1. xicofixas Says:

    nice work….

  2. jordan Says:

    ya i no i really i like the first one

  3. ben=love Says:

    Gorgeous! 😀

  4. ben=love Says:

    What line ALWAYS comes to line when I see these pictures: “Why do they even need a fashion show? Every day’s a fashion show for these people…” Haha, that line of Seth’s in The Pilot just amuses me even more when I see these!! 😉

  5. amira from indonesia Says:

    the first photo is not photoshopped because i saw a video in youtube that is dong the photoshoot, but i don’t know

    but great job spyros.
    i miss the oc so badly .

  6. amira from indonesia Says:

    ohh yea if you want to see a familiar photoshoot of the first picture. go to

    and then click DOWNLOAD, and there’s a photo in the background of the site.

  7. savetheoc Says:

    You’re right Amira, it is the same picture shoot 😉

    Georgia, that quote definitely applies to The OC cast! 🙂

  8. vlad Says:

    nice work on the first picture and second one is absolutely outstanding

  9. oc_biggest greek fan Says:

    thnx gyus!!
    i love the oc
    the first one i made it at photoshop and it really took me long time..:)
    but it worth it

  10. Angie Says:

    Thank you so much, I love the second picture, I was looking for it since a very long time.

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