Mischa Barton is on the cover of the August 2008 issue of Nylon Magazine, she is being featured in the Denim Edition.

Picture Source: Mischa-B

Site Notice: I started school again yesterday and I just thought I’d let everyone know that im not going to be able to update as much as I have been doing over the last 3 weeks, I will try my hardest to update atleast 3-4 times a week though ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please bare with me!

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  1. ben=love Says:

    Not the best picture, but can’t wait for the images inside…which are HOPEFULLY better than that cowboy hillbilly thing, LOL. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Sarah Says:

    Yeah, I didn’t like that pic too =/

  3. jordan Says:

    lol tht pic is funny

  4. kidchino Says:

    She is getting a lot of mag covers these days thats great! I think that the more I see her the better looking she gets. When is her next movie due out.

  5. jordan Says:

    remember that picture a while back of mischa with the white blouse and the red skirt well i was searching the net and i foiund this..http://lifestyle.sympatico.msn.ca/Style/pg_SWLJuly14?feedname=PHOTO_GALLERY_STYLEWINNERSLOSERS_JULY1408&pos=4

  6. Mat Says:

    That pic gives the impression that she has a male body….weard รต.รฒ

  7. Tyron Says:

    I didn’t like it…hopefully the other pics are better than that cowboy..I agree with ben=love.
    I don’t know if anyone here can answer this … but I heard that Rachel has been missed these days because she traveled to Nassau with Hayden Christensen … someone knows if it is true?

    P.S: I’m sorry but my english is kind sucks =P

  8. ben=love Says:

    I made yet another STO.C. header. Here it is:

  9. savetheoc Says:

    Thanks so much for the header Georgia, and the other one you made a few days ago, they’re both awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just haven’t had time to comment or reply to your email.

    Thanks again, it’s appreciated!

  10. mc Says:

    mischa is kinda hot. I have always like to see her strip it off. Man, shes got a great bod.

  11. taki bibelas Says:

    If you are going to use my picture, at least put a photo credit.

  12. ben=love Says:

    What are you talking about taki bilelas or whatever the hell you’re called?

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