Thanks to Mischa-B.com I am able to post the images of Mischa Barton inside the latest Nylon Magazine. Mischa looks so beautiful and still has so much sex appeal if you ask me 😛


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  1. ben=love Says:

    LOVE these pictures. She looks stunning and very sexy. But they overdid the whole topless thing. One pic was enough, thanks, lol.

  2. yui Says:

    The Nylon Magazine said she only dated actor once!!
    Who this is(ben mckenzie??)

  3. jordan Says:

    its not ben mackenzie but i don’t know cause taylor locke is like a musician not an actor

  4. Rudolph Says:

    Egotastic has some more topless pics of her: http://egotastic.com/entertainment/celebrities/mischa-barton/mischa-barton-topless-in-nylon-magazine-003810

    She looks absolutely stunning these days, lovely.

  5. yui Says:

    No,the Magazine said she also only dated another actor once,just briefly.
    i’m wondering that’s ben?!

  6. kidchino Says:

    She is looking better and better every time I see her.

  7. Tyron Says:

    I don’t known…I think she’s beautiful but not sexy…

  8. ben=love Says:

    I made a Ryan/Marissa wallpaper!! Here is the link:

  9. xicofixas Says:

    hey here it is a video with some celebrities Swearing and from o.c is seth, summer, marissa , seth’s father..

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