I can’t believe my eyes either, but we eventually have brand new pictures of Rachel Bilson. These pictures were taken in Manhattan, New York City yesterday, 16 July 2008. It’s so nice to see Rachel again! 😀 I have more pictures but I’m having uploading problems at the moment.


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  1. jordan Says:

    the second pic is so pretty!!

  2. Tyron Says:

    I agree! I love it! I was missing her so fking much!!

  3. ben=love Says:

    Awwww! Rach looks so pretty!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Aww! she’s so cute! I’m glad to see pics of her again! =D

  5. kidchino Says:

    What a hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I bet Adam is kicking himself every time he see her in the media.

  6. brittany123 Says:

    She is very cute but I think she would look better if she gained a little weight. She used to look healthy that’s not really the case now.

  7. Mat Says:

    Brittany123, I think you have to remember that Rachel is little, I think her weight is great for her size…she looks terrific

  8. Le Says:

    She looks great! I love her

  9. sofie Says:

    i agree with brittany123 actually. she has lost alot of weight this last year or so. but she still looks amazing !!

  10. m.m. Says:

    Man, she´s gorgeus 🙂

  11. rafa Says:

    I totally agree!

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