Another fan of STOC (Save The OC) has submitted his O.C art to the site. This time Evan sent me his own ‘The O.C Season 5’ boxset which he had made. It looks pretty cool and must have taken a long time to do! Evan also asked me to let everyone know about all of his O.C video’s on Youtube, they’re really great, Check them out here!

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28 Comments on “FAN SUBMISSION: THE O.C SEASON 5!”

  1. evan Says:


  2. xicofixas Says:

    nice work evan!

  3. ben=love Says:

    Aw it’s awesome.

  4. foxbroadcacst Says:

    “sweet moses its beautiful”

  5. evan Says:

    aha thanks im glad you enjoy it, ill make sure to send a link for pics of the inside which should be finished pretty soon!

  6. Daniel Says:


    shame there isnt a real season five though 😦

  7. ben=love Says:

    Uh, foxbroadcast, he says “HOLY moses it’s beautiful” – lol! 😉

  8. sofie Says:

    woooow 😀 ” that is awsome!!”

  9. missS Says:

    this is awesome! =O nice work!
    looks very real..!

  10. KidChino Says:

    Man you are one creative guy. If only the producer and Fox executives had as much heart as you have in keeping the O.C. alive for all us fans. Keep up the awsome work. Peace

  11. evan Says:

    haha wow, thanks KidChino

  12. Angela Says:

    I think people who don’t know The O.C and see this, will think its real… it looks so real… beautiful!!

  13. Amy Says:

    That looks soooo amazing and real!! Great job!! how did u make it look so real??

    you should do a backside cover too!!!

  14. hehe Says:

    sorry to ruin the party… but marissa died.

  15. Angela Says:

    @hehe; i think every OC fan know that.

    But if you go to the account, you will see a good explenation why Marissa is on that cover 😉 I think you didn’t understand it.

  16. foxbroadcacst Says:

    A) KIDCHINO. my dad is the fox executive, dumass and he has a heart
    b) ben=love Says: hahahah my mistake

  17. evan Says:

    A) foxbrodcast

    show him 🙂

  18. Pauline Says:

    Ok, I need an explination please, those videos are fake? Season 5 is not comming out ??? It says NOVEMBER…. agrrrrr
    Please help me I NEED to know !!

  19. jordan Says:

    yes it is completely fake

  20. KidChino Says:

    Well Mr foxbroadcacst, Tell your dad that KidChino said”he can suck my nuts” for helping fox cannecl the O.C. We should banned you from putting anything on this website traitor. Put that on the your fox channel. Peace

  21. jordan Says:

    srry but kidchino im on the other site for this which is like a forum and he doesn’t support it and sometimes its not nice to say that stuff cause u dont know them

  22. Robbie Says:

    wow, it’s amazing

  23. blairbitch95 Says:

    OMG..iits so cool. but d real 5th season is cumin out dis fall

  24. ilovemarrisa Says:

    “blairbitch95 Says:

    November 2, 2008 at 6:28 pm
    OMG..iits so cool. but d real 5th season is cumin out dis fall”


  25. Michael Says:

    Hei I from Sweden. And I want that The O.C 5th season ganna cum… so it ganna cum or not?

  26. jamie Says:

    I am really sad that marissa cooper dies

  27. shannon Says:

    Hi im trying to get the oc season 5 were can i get it from got them all and really want this one help please ?

  28. Pablito Says:

    I’am fan from Chile EXTRAÑO THE OC ): why marissa die, this suck 😡

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