The 5th August 2008 -yesterday- marked 5 years since The O.C first premiered on FOX on 5 August 2003. This is half a decade ago that The O.C began. It’s unbelievable how fast time has gone! Here’s a little summary of The O.C Episode 1 – The Pilot:

‘A new life for Ryan Atwood, the Cohen and the Cooper families, and basically everyone else in the wealthy, picturesque, secretive, turbulent community of Orange County.
Be prepared to meet spoiled rich kids and watch Ryan struggle to fit in with his new crowd’

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  1. nikki Says:

    wow i can’t believe it’s been five years. i miss the show!

  2. ben=love Says:

    I was crying my ass off the day before, the 5th and today. A part of me died when The O.C. did. 😥

  3. KidChino Says:

    Some times in life their are shows that make you feel like your
    part of something, and when thats taken from you, it feels like a peace
    of you is going to be missed forever. The show is over and the cast
    members will move on, but the fans will always wonder what if. Even in
    my mind and heart I would love to see another season, but maybe it is
    best that the show ended on top. I wrote this the night of Febuary 22,
    2007 when the O.C. ended. Sad Day. Peace

  4. raz3r Says:

    I miss The OC too, I agree with Kid but I will pay for another season :/

  5. Mat Says:

    I miss the OC so much, has been a lot of time.

    P.S: I love this pic…The photo shows the true identity of characters; Ryan seems so bad ass haha, Seth seems so fun, Marissa seems so delicate and Summer seems soo sexy!

  6. ocfcb Says:

    It feels weird saying that, but somehow, the O.C. wasn’t just a TV show (eventhough it was lol). You know, what i am trying to say is that you watch a show or a movie, you like it or you don’t and that’s it. it’s just a show or a movie. But for some reason, the O.C. had a lasting impression on me.
    I think with Marissa’s death, the show started to die, her character (and her fanbase?) was too important for the show; what would James Bond be without his girls and his cars. I am not going to enlarge upon that, but how is something expected to work without its basics?
    I would have loved to see another season with the fab four. then i proudly would have been able to say, that the oc was the best show on tv i’ve ever seen.

    Now i can proudly say, that it was probably the best show i’ve ever known.

    sorry for sermonizing. The O.C. forever!

  7. negatello Says:

    The show started to die with Johnny. Marissa’s death proved to be a short revival of the show. S4>S3

  8. unknownocfan Says:

    The oc, aahh the oc. I’m a major oc fan and im on season 4 and it makes me depressed knowing in a couple of episodes o wont be able to watch a new oc episode again. this show is a major part of my life. its changed me in many ways. i will do anything for them to do another season. i love taylor. marissa was a bad actor. i like taylor in place of her. what they need to do is go back to season 1 and try some basics and keep it going. after college. tryingto get jobs all living in newport. i hope a oc producer or writer reads this. the fans need one more season. please give it to us. please. ill do anything. even help write it.

  9. the_oz Says:

    It really is depressing that we can no longer watch these people grow and develop. I like to think it helped people grow and develop along with it. I wish we could all watch how the many peoples’ lives went after the end of season 4. I could deal with just seeing how seth and summer did personally. That was by far my favorite part. Not sure how many other people feel that way, but their relationship (yes, it is ficitious) still inspired that there is some hope for real love out there.

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