Rachel Bilson grabs lunch at the Californian/European style café and bakery Alcove Cafe in the trendy Los Feliz neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.


Source: JustJared

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  1. jordan Says:

    she looks again not surprisingly amazingly(if thats a word) hot

  2. ben=love Says:

    Rachel looks so cute.

  3. KidChino Says:

    CUTE is the word of the day for these pictures! Just when I though I was going for Mischa, Rachel pops up and turns me around back to her direction like she always does. Peace

  4. ben=love Says:

    Isn’t it about time the poll was changed?

  5. Rudolph Says:

    Does anyone watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Shailene Woodley, aka the Kaitlin Cooper from the first season, plays the lead role in it! And let me tell you boys, she is definitely very cute. Although she looks like 12 which would me probably made a pervert or something and which is also probably why she didn’t get the role of Kaitlin in the third and fourth season of the OC, she’s one of the girls you just want to hug all the time.

    And as one of the cast members described it’s like The OC mixed with Juno. The storyline is quite weird sometimes so is the acting but nonetheless, this show has a lot of heart and is really sweet. This show already got picked up after like two episodes for a second season and the ratings are going through the roof. It’s on ABC Family and as far as I read it’s the show with the highest ratings on the network which also airs the widely popular Greek. And it got more viewers than Gossip Girl on the rather bigger CW. Qualitywise I think Gossip Girl is better but sometimes I miss the “heart” in this show and The Secret Life of The American Teenager definitely has this heart, just like The OC had.

    I watched the 8 episodes yesterday and just started watching them again lol. Can’t wait for tomorrow when they air the new episode! If you’re from the US you can watch the episodes for free on, otherwise you know where to get the stuff, heh? 😀

  6. Angie Says:

    Oh Thank you Sheldon, Rachel is very cute!

    I would like to let you know that I’m running a fansite about Melinda Clarke.
    Here’s the link for the site : and for the gallery :
    The site is currently under contruction for a lot of things but I was wondering if you like the site and if you are interested of course, that savetheoc become an affiliate with my site.
    Just let me know if you are interested.


  7. sofie Says:

    btw, rachel turn 27 today 🙂 happy bday to her!

  8. Fiesty Says:

    Happy Birthday Rachel

  9. KidChino Says:

    Happy 27 B-DAY Rachel AKA HOTTIE from KidChino!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. ben=love Says:

    HAPPY 27TH RACHEL!!!!!!! 😀

  11. Mat Says:

    HAPPY 27TH RACH!!!!!!!!! The most perfect woman ever!!!

  12. Roksana Says:

    hey have you heard about bringing back The OC ?
    I mean I just have seen it, you have to see it too!!!!

    and as you heard there will be a new show from Josh Schwartz!

  13. jordan Says:

    there is no acess for people outside the us what the fuck ahhhhh not fair errr

  14. jordan Says:

    i wish i could get on it but I LIVE IN CANADA cause there oc games and stuff but of course stuff like this has to friggin happen whatever im sure alot of people feel my inner pain

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