Poor Ben McKenzie. He was always one of our favorites on The O.C.; his faux-Russell Crowe looks and constant furrowed brow made you think that he was a dour and brooding capital-A actor. But some of the funniest moments that show had to offer came from Mr. McKenzie’s interplay with Adam Brody. While Mr. Brody’s iconic Seth Cohen was all limbs, stammers, pop culture references and one-liners, Mr. McKenzie’s Ryan Atwood could simply give him a twisted glance and get a big laugh into the commercial break.

Don’t get us wrong; we never got the idea that Mr. McKenzie could be, say, James Franco. But if you’ve seen Junebug, where he plays the laconic husband to Amy Adams’ adorable, pregnant and talky (and talky) wife, you know the guy has some talent to give the acting world.

Doesn’t he deserve better than getting cast on the most generic sounding NBC pilot ever? John Wells’ LAPD.

Maybe Mr. McKenzie is doing the “one for them, one for me” routine. His first big, post-O.C. role was as Joe Bonham in the “live on stage, on film” version of Daltron Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun, due to be released later in September. That’s a fine strategy, if you’re George Clooney.

Somehow though, we don’t think it is really a good idea to follow your high-profile role as “Ryan on The O.C.” with a role as “Ben on LAPD” (yes, his character is named “Ben”), a rookie cop who has to learn the ropes in a cast filled with other retreads (Regina King among them.) It just stinks of bad representation and bad decision-making.

What’s next? Adam Brody passing on the lead in Chuck? Errr. Wait. Nevermind.

* Discuss?

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  1. ben=love Says:

    Alright say what you will, but did Ben go and consult them about his career move? (FINALLY HE WILL BE BACK ONSCREEN, OMG. WOO. FAINT.) The person who wrote this annoys me.

  2. Mat Says:

    “What’s next? Adam Brody passing on the lead in Chuck? Errr. Wait. Nevermind.”

    I didn’t get this..I’m sorry my english isn’t that good…..that line means that Adam Brody is going to show up on Chuck?

  3. KidChino Says:

    Some people are just haters. The person who wrote this dosen’t have a clue on how hard it is some times as a acter to leave a sterio type impression that you left on audience. We all know Ben as Ryan Atwood, but that was then and this is know time to move on and judge for ourselves it he made the right decission. Peace Chino

  4. Pia Says:

    Whoa…. Its awesome hes getting a tv role again, MISS him on the screen ;o)

    Ben=Love, i agree with you, but dont think its meant negative what the writer said though…

    Also exited about his upcoming movie ;o)

  5. Lisa Says:

    I love Ben Mckenzie but after seeing Punk’d I’m so dissapointed in him as a person! He had such a bad temper and basically throttled a 10 year old for egging his friend’s car! You can also tell it has been edited…. so he must of hit the boy as well! Good Luck to him on LAPD but…. I won’t be watching after seeing him as a true to life person…

  6. TC Says:

    ^^Lisa, seriously? If you think Ben is a bad person because you saw him on Punk’d then you don’t “love Ben” nor are you a true fan. If you’ve followed his career since the OC, you’d see that he is a good person and he has done a lot… not to mention he is intelligent. And he didn’t hit that kid. *rolls eyes* People have bad days… geez…

  7. mb Says:

    haha. i saw that episode of punk’d. but he obviously didn’t hit the kid. He was angry. You guys have to remember…he thought he had ruined his friend’s car! He said it was a rental or something. He was being punk’d after all. And you can tell he isn’t a bad person considering the look on his face when the boy’s father smashed eggs over his head and when he threw his bike. He said he had two younger brothers. Looks to me like he’s dealt with that kind of situation before, perhaps. Plus if he actually did hit him…they would have showed it. The show’s all about these celebrity’s reactions and how they’re not as amazing as they seem, so i don’t think they would have skipped a thing. But they did show some messed up filming, but i think it was the cameras. for a bit they were filming a tree:P

  8. TC Says:

    ^^ LOL, exactly! He totally didn’t hit that kid. Ben’s a good guy. All someone needs to do is watch one or two interviews with him to see how down to earth and intelligent he is. Not to mention unlike most other celebrities, he stays low-key and when he participates in charitable efforts (which is rather frequently!) he doesn’t make a big deal about it or brag about it. Nobody would know if his fans didn’t follow his charities, but it’s because he does it from his heart. He’s also one of the most modest celebrities I’ve seen (even the casting directors of Southland thought so), and I’ve heard so many happy fan story reports that you know it’s gotta be real. LOL, it would be ridiculous to judge a guy’s character based on a silly reaction like that Ashton Kutcher’s stupid tv show, Punk’d.

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