Former O.C. star Adam Brody throws on his Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades and runs errands in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon.According to The Vegas Eye, Adam helped Josh Schwartz (creator of The O.C., Gossip Girl and Chuck) celebrate his bachelor party. Bret Harrison of The CW’s The Reaper was also in attendance. (Adam, 28, and Bret, 26, play drums and guitar, respectively, for the indie rock band Big Japan.) –



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16 Comments on “NEW ADAM BRODY CANDID’S!”

  1. sofie Says:

    BRODY 🙂 ❤ my man.

  2. adamfan Says:

    lookin really hot

  3. ben=love Says:

    YAY! ADAM NEWS!! He looks divine in those images, might I say. Plus it’s so cute that he helped Josh plan his bachelor party! Aw!

  4. amira from indonesia Says:

    I adore adam so much !
    thats a good thing that he still
    friends with josh, I can’t wait for the oc cast to have a reunion together !!

  5. Sarah Says:

    ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him sooo much!!! It’s soo good to see news about him!! I loved that he helped Josh with his bachelor party…I wonder if Rachel were there too(but I known that a girl at a bachelor party isn’t such a great idea)…well, at least they will be both at Josh’ wedding!

  6. rita Says:

    yay, adam baby i love you.

  7. Rudolph Says:

    It’s cool that Adam and Josh still hang out. Makes me wonder why he didn’t show up on any of his new shows yet like Rachel did on Chuck or Melinda did on Reaper and will do on Chuck.

  8. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Has Melinda been on Reaper? 0_o

    Any ideas for the new poll, guys? 🙂

  9. monisek Says:

    oh i’ve already seen those, but.. AHHH! i love love love my adam! i freaking missed him.
    i can’t wait for the wedding! i mean.. there’s this tiny possibility of an adam/rachel pic.. well, i know i would just.. i would just die! lol anyway.. i’m SO HAPPY HE’S BACK!

  10. Lisa Says:

    hallelujah, is he a hottie or what?!?!

  11. Rudolph Says:

    Yeah Sheldon, Melinda was on Reaper for oneepisode as the ex-girlfriend of the Devil and the mother of that one girl Sam was into for a few episodes. Looked it up on Imdb, it was the 9th episode called “Ashes to Ashes”. 🙂

  12. KidChino Says:

    Good to see Adam back in the lime light and still hanging with Josh. Hope all is good with him and Rachel, because you know that they are going to bump into each other at the party or the wedding. Could bring back old sparks!!!!!!!! Peace Chino

  13. Rudolph Says:

    I think she is pretty much in love with Hayden when you read all those interviews she gave lately although I would still love to see Adam and Rachel together. But ya know, that’s the past and both moved on. 😦

  14. Tiff Says:

    Adam didn’t moved on yet! Maybe he still have feelins for her! And if he does, who knows what can happen after this wedding 😉

  15. ben=love Says:

    Rachel is in/on Glamour and Page Six mag IYDK.

  16. Mat Says:

    Yeah…and she’s looking hot and really sexy at the bachelorette party that she went with her friend Jill that will marry Josh!!!

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