Mischa Barton has revealed she went to rehab following her arrest on driving under the influence late last year.

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Barton was arrested on suspicion of DUI in December 2007. In April 2008, she plead out the charges, eventually being sentenced by a Los Angeles court judge to 36 months probation, alcohol education classes and a fine.

The cover girl of the 20th anniversary of Marie Claire’s UK edition admitted she went to rehab quietly following the arrest to help with her case in a new interview with the magazine.

“I wanted to prove to the court that I would take it completely seriously, so I went to rehab to prove I was sober,” she said in Marie Claire’s September issue. “It really helped in getting the more serious aspects of my case dropped because, you know, that’s what they want to hear; you’re not an alcoholic and you don’t have a problem. So I did it in the most low-key way possible – I didn’t make a fuss about it and I didn’t tell a lot of my friends. I just did the program and got through it.”

Sources: Amira/Access Hollywood

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  1. jordan Says:

    yay good for mischa

  2. KidChino Says:

    Like Jordan said,” good for Mischa.” Hope she stays out of trouble. Wonder if she is going to Josh’s wedding. Peace Chino.

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