Willa Holland rubs shoulders with producer Gary Michael Walters at the Heckler premiere after-party during the 2008 Toronto Internation Film Festival held at W-Studio on Saturday in Toronto, Canada.As reported last week, the 17-year-old actress is set to guest star on the current season of Gossip Girl. She’ll play bad girl Agnes, a 16-year-old model who meets Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) while working for Blair’s fashion designer mother. –


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  1. jordan Says:

    im sorry but yellloooooow teeth sorry willa had to point it out

  2. JJ Miller Says:

    I’ve never watched GG but I might have to now. It’ll be great to see Willa again. I think she is great and has a bright future ahead of her.

  3. ben=love Says:

    OMG Gossip Girl is awesome. IT WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVEN THINK TO BE BETTER THAN THE O.C., But it’s a cool show.

    Willa looks pretty,

  4. jordan Says:

    ya she does look prety don’t get me wrong but she needs a toothbrush is all i’m saying

  5. Mat Says:

    Dude…yellow teeth…hahahaha

  6. jordan Says:

    ya i know wierd but funny

  7. brian Says:

    Pretty? She looks like a witch. Look at those shoes. That guy with her looks creepy, too.

  8. vlad Says:

    omg what a yellow pair of yellow theeth :)) i like willa she’s pretty but as an young promicing actor she should use colgate or blend a med 😛

  9. KidChino Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE MINT GUM!!!!!!! She is a young promising actor with mad potential, but needs to get her teeth bleached and stop smoking. Love ya CHINO.

  10. jordan Says:

    she smokes?

  11. ben=love Says:

    Hell yes she does.

  12. fiesty Says:

    Valentine starts September 22. It’s the show starring Autumn Reeser. Also has anyone seen Mischa’s film with Hayden Christensen: Virgin Territory. I remember awhile back people were saying Mischa and Rachel were feuding. I wonder if it has anything to do with Hayden being Mischa’s love interest in this film.

  13. jordan Says:

    hey i just heard that mischa barton dumped her boyfriend like just saw it heres the link

  14. Fadila Says:

    Happy Birthday CHINOOOOOO

  15. Pia Says:

    Happy 30. th. birthday my sweet Ben ;o)

    Hope you have an awesome one ;O)

  16. nikki Says:

    happy birthday ben!!!

  17. ben=love Says:


  18. m.m. Says:

    Happy birthday, hot stuff 😉 My sister has birthday today aswell 🙂

  19. KidChino Says:

    Thanks Fadila, but my birthday is in Febuary. Just kidding I know you meant Ben. My Boy turns 30 today, and I hope it’s an AWSOME one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Chino

  20. Sarah Says:

    Happy birthday Ban!! ;} we LOVE you !!!
    Btw…Where are the news around here???

  21. ben=love Says:

    Sarah, first off, Ban? *clears throat* it’s Ben, second, WE DO LOVE HIM TO PIECES and third, yeah, not much news is being posted here lately because Sheldon has school.

  22. Sarah Says:

    I known his name is Ben, was a terrible mistake =/ and I didn’t known Shedon was busy…

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