“The O.C.” heartthrob Adam Brody says he hopes that FOX will take a page from the CW’s playbook and bring his California-set teen soap back to TV – a la “90210” – and “the sooner the better!”

“I will never be on it,” Brody told the Track. “But I hope they bring it back.”

So apparently Adam has no intention of pulling a Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth and reinventing angst-ridden Seth Cohen as, perhaps, a rabbi who returns to his upscale ’hood?

“It would be like going back to high school or college,” he said. “But I would be totally thrilled if they did it.

Full article @ Boston Herald

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  1. xicofixas Says:

    grrr, why doesn’t i want to be on it….

  2. xicofixas Says:

    i meant …he want to be on it….

  3. ben=love Says:

    You’ve got to understand that The O.C. was his main and most talked about role and since it ended his movies haven’t exactly been mega hits, so crawling back to the role that started it all, it would kind hurt his pride to go back to something like that.

    But! It’s awesome he wants a revamp series!

  4. sofie Says:

    YAY ! I hope. i mean if someone from the OC sais they would like it back they might consider it 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!

  5. c Says:

    there should be a movie

  6. KidChino Says:

    I’m with you Ben= love, I think that it would hurt his pride to take back a role that has made his career what it is today. But it is awsome that he wants to revamp the show. Peace Chino.

  7. Amy Says:

    hopefully Josh will make a reunion OC movie someday…..

  8. taza Says:

    i would love for the o.c to come back on air.

  9. brittneee Says:

    i obsessed with the OC
    marissa dying probally ruined it.
    but they shoudnt stop there
    i HATEE gossip girl
    the OC was wayy better
    and they better start doing it agenn.

  10. StevOC Says:

    its the year 2009, and i still haven’t forgotten how great The OC was from 2003 to 2007, it was there from my high school graduation to first years in college, we need to bring back The OC some time. I think its time for a new storyline and bring back some older characters as guest stars as their adult selves. If The New OC started in the year 2013 it would be 10 years since it started… and i think it could be a great place to start a new generation with new upcoming stars. I can see Katleen Cooper in college, and her little brother as the new “Seth Cohen.” Maybe Taylor can teach French at Newport Union. And new characters come in and define the story that can continue the old story. Maybe Theressa’s baby is older now, and will join Newport Union. Guest staring Ryan and Theressa. But of course no Cohen family member will show up, unless its Seth’s younger sister all grown up. To come as a guest star. So many possible story line’s, i think the time just needs to be right to bring the children or baby characters into a teenage roll, and time to bring the original characters into an adult roll. So not Summer Roberts or Seth Cohen and his family, but some Coopers will return, as while as a guest appearance of an Atwood or two… 🙂 2013 maybe or 2020?

  11. richy Says:

    i think what you are saying is BULL!
    The oc was amasing,i loved it and always will,but bringing it back with no original cast?
    its only been a few years since it ended and i would miss the characters too much,as they made the show.
    if it was brought back without seth,summer and ryan then it wouldnt be the oc,sorry…and to kill off marissa in a last ditched attempt for more ratings,well it didnt work,which also sucked.
    not to mention how wierd and wacky the last season got.
    i think the producers pannicked and made some drastically bad decisions about how the show should go.
    but to this day i wont forget how much i enjoyed watching it and in a wierd way it helped me in my own life,so,i’m probably going to watch it all again soon. woop!
    not that it will ever be as good as watching for the 1st time. but still amasing!
    i miss the oc!!!

  12. Amber Says:

    i loved the OC i was so crushed when it ended i mean that show had everything…cuties…..drama… was awesome…even sandy cohen was adorable come on!!

  13. Kell Says:

    I was a dedicated fan of every series of the oc. I own them all on dvd, and STILL miss the show, a comeback would be AWESOME adam was one of my favourites i hope he would atleast consider a guest appearence role to keep his fans happy!!

  14. big alex Says:

    same i miss this show, it was great my fav show i wish it came back im sure they could make it big marrisa and ryan story line was great…they should make a new one with a similar base 🙂

  15. manners Says:

    The cast was the heart and soul of the OC! Everything about especially the 1st season was perfect! The storyline the location and off course the cast! They should think carefully about bringing the oc back because they should not rush it! When i watch it again i dont want to be dissapointed because it should be carefully planned! They should keep the cast and bring marissa back and say that she wanted everyone to think she was dead because she always wanted to escape her mother! So they should heat things up that way! If it was a new cast in the future i wouldnt even watch! Many people will feel the same as me! Oc is my favourite series ever and will always be! Rest in peace OC!

  16. Gates Says:

    yesssssssssssssssss, stop fooling around and bring back Ryan and ,Marissa back together in the OC…….go go go

  17. RYAN A Says:

    the OC♥♥♥♥

  18. it wouldn’t be the same without Seth, i honestly think he’d be great coming back. It would probably pick up his career again

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