Adam Brody was in town last night for the East Coast debut of his indie flick “Death In Love” at the Boston Film Festival.

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  1. ben=love Says:


  2. Amy Says:

    u got that right!

  3. adamfan Says:

    looking really hot and looking more his age

  4. Emma Says:

    Adam! Finally! He’s looking great and really hot.

  5. rita Says:

    love him.

  6. jenna Says:

    i love adam brody and quite frankly think his the hottest geek around. he played his character very well in the o.c and glad to see his now having fun and kicking that geeky persona everyone knows him for. why not become a bachelor? your only young once right? looking good adam :]

  7. Keysywind Says:

    My idol..isn´t what deliver

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