Mischa Barton, snapped last week in leather leggings at London fashion week in close proximity to Josh Hartnett, Ben Stiller and the Geldof girls, seems yet more blonde fodder for the tabloids.

Beloved by a generation of teenage girls – thanks to her role in the long-running teen soap The OC, in which she played the doomed belle Marissa Cooper – she has the same air of fashionable detachment as her on-screen incarnation. Cooper was a Californian babe who didn’t do much more than “hang” in Ugg boots and shop at Chanel (until she unfortunately died).

They also talk in a similar way; the only obvious difference is that, off screen, Barton chooses not to hang in California herself. “It’s harder for me to find people in LA who are worth hanging with and who are hangable,” she says.

Instead she prefers to hang in Paris, where she has a flat in the chic 4th arrondissement. “With all the privacy laws there I haven’t seen paparazzi since I’ve been there.

Read the full story @ Times Online

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  1. JJ Miller Says:

    Very nice article. I’m proud of how mature ms. barton sounds here.

  2. ben=love Says:

    That image is so cute of her!

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