Yes, the title of this post seems unreal, but it’s not, lol. Seen in these pictures, taken on-set of Ben’s new TV show ‘LAPD’ is Taylor Handley aka Oliver Trask from The OC season 1. It’s kind of funny and ironic how things have worked out for these two after the whole ‘Oliver’ story on The OC! 😀

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  1. m.m. Says:

    Hahaa 😀 Good one 😀

  2. Roksana Says:

    omg, are you kidding?
    so funny, hahaha, finally 😀

  3. Rudolph Says:

    Oliver looks weird. xD

  4. Mike Says:

    hahahaha thats awesome! im looking forward to LAPD does anyone know when it will air?

  5. amira from indonesia Says:

    i just realized that many second character on the oc has many projects ahead of them, like who plays naomi on 90210, she has been on the oc in season 3 at prom the one who is making out with volchok. cam gigandet and the one who play sadie is in the movie twilight this december. who play kaitlin’s friend on boarding school, hadley, is now in the cw’s privileged, and many more.

    can’t wait to see ben on LAPD:)

  6. Amy Says:

    lol:) What are the odds of that?

  7. KidChino Says:

    What comes around goes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like Ben get the last laugh, and Taylor is going to jail. Awsome show can’t waite to watch it. Peace Chino

  8. Emma Says:

    That is soooo freakin ironic its not funny! LMAO!
    Apparently Ben’s playing a rookie cop. Handley looks unrecognisable with the long blonde hair – completely opposite to his hair on The OC.

  9. Rudolph Says:

    Lance Bass, the guy who made the porn movie with Julie was recently on the second ep of the new Knight Rider series. Was pretty surprised when I saw him, funny. 😀 Oh, and Hailey is on The Mentalist as a police officer. Looks great I might add. 🙂

  10. Melinda (Biggest Oc Fan Ever) Says:

    Thats so funny

    oliver look so funny now


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