Question: Favourite Upcoming O.C Star Role?

Answers: Ben McKenzie – Johnny Got His Gun, Rachel Bilson – New York I Love You, Adam Brody – Jennifer’s Body, Melinda Clarke – Chuck, Mischa Barton – Assasination Of A High School President.

Number of Votes: 12477

Save The OC Poll #: 17


1st Place – Ben McKenzie – JGHG -10055 Votes

2nd Place – Mischa Barton – AOAHSP – 1162 Votes

3rd Place – Rachel Bilson – NYILY – 917 Votes

4th Place – Adam Brody – JB – 257 Votes

5th Place – Melinda Clarke – Chuck – 86 Votes

Thanks to everyone who voted. So sorry that it took extra long this time for me to put a new poll up! Note: The new poll will be up soon )

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2 Comments on “LATEST POLL RESULTS: POLL #17!”

  1. Rudolph Says:

    ben=love clicked a lot on Ben McKenzie I guess. xD

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