Ben Mckenzie was recently seen filming more scenes for his new show ‘LAPD’ which is set to be released on air in Feb/March 2009.


Source: Ben_Pix_Central

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  1. sofie Says:

    hey, don’t you mean 2009? 🙂

  2. ann Says:

    There are more pictures in here. Ben is shooting a different scene.

  3. savetheoc Says:

    Sofie: Oops, yeah… Thanks for that!

    Ann: Cool, I’ll have a look 😉

  4. adamfan Says:

    he is the hottest cop i ever seen can’t wait to see in him action

  5. Ben is one hot cop. I’m really looking forward to seeing Ben on the small screen again!

  6. ben=love Says:

    Edible is what he is. omF!F!F!F!g how I am anticipating this show…*faints from his incredible hotness….I’ll only be able to wake up if my Ben comes and kisses me…kind of like Sleeping Beauty, I guess*

  7. KidChino Says:

    Hey, My boy is comming back on the small screen with avengance. Can’t waite to check the show out, wounder if their filming any seens in Chino. Peace Kid

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