Mischa Barton was seen on Oct 13th buying beer from a liquor store in Hollywood. All of the celebrity sites have been dissing and putting her down just because she bought a pack of beers. Honestly, who actually gives a shit? Mischa’s looking good, and that’s all that counts!


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  1. Amy Says:

    i agree

  2. ben=love Says:

    When I saw these images 2 days ago on another site, my first reaction was “wow, yet again some more proof celebs are human”, not all the ridiculous crap that some people will say. Mischa is awesome!

    I ❤ her jacket btw.

  3. Mrs. Ruby Says:

    I agree no one should be concerned that a young woman that has admittedly already gone through one stint in rehab is out buying beer. The way she looks is way more important and she certainly looks beautiful, the beer does make a nice accesory.

  4. yancheto Says:

    hey i give a shit and yes the way she looks is important too but i care more about her and i don`t think that it`s a sin to buy beer in a large pieces i do that too 🙂

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