Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen were seen a few days ago, Oct 13th, at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, Californis.


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  1. Christian Says:

    When the OC ended, I didn’t care about anything and really wanted to just die.

    I have just recently (within the last 4 or 5 days) noticed that I’ve come to an acceptance with myself knowing that it’s gone forever. After almost 2 years I’ve just accepted it. Call me crazy, if you want.

    I’ve thought about it every day until about 2 weeks ago where I thought about it less and less.

    I balled my eyes out for hours after Marissa died, and after the last episode. Those were actually 2 of the worst moments in my life. I fell in love with Marissa, also. (I’m a guy, lol)

    I’m just learning to cope. I watched it every day until the end of the summer. I had to stop. I was going insane. I actually wished I’d never seen any of it, so I wouldn’t have to live with the pain.

    It’s an amazing show, and it will always live on inside of me. I will never forget it, ever.

    Thanks to this site and the pictures of the amazing cast I’ve learned I can’t live in the past and although the show was amazing, I have to accept.

    It would be really cool if FOX network played it from the start again and acted like it was all new and stuff, to see how the ratings are.

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