A few outtakes from a photoshoot that Rachel Bilson did with Teen Vogue have been uploaded. Images: Rachel-Bilson.de


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  1. Emma Says:

    I absolutley adore the ensemble that Rachel is wearing in the first picture – the pink blouse and grey pants are cool. The yellow dress I think is from her Edie Rose collection however it looks a lot like the Sretsis dress she wore earlier this year.
    When does NYILY open?

  2. dunya Says:

    heyy me again.. i miss the o.c. ): im gonna start watching gossipgirl, but nothing will ever be like the O.C.!

  3. Leo Al Says:

    Wow! I love Rachel Bilson! She’s so beatufil!!!
    Hum… do you wanna afilliate with me? I have a, brazilian, site about The OC!
    Visit me! Thanks
    Great job here! Congratulations.

  4. Mat Says:

    Are you brasilian too Leo?

  5. Leo Al Says:

    Yes, Mat! I am! And you?

  6. Mat Says:

    I’m too man!! (bom falar com um brasileiro por aqui hehe..me passa seu msn cara ;D)

  7. Leo Al Says:

    Mas vc mora no Brasil também? sahdon@hotmail.com

  8. Mat Says:

    haha moro cara! São Paulo!

  9. Mat Says:

    ja te adicionei cara!

  10. savetheoc Says:

    Leo, yes i would love to affiliate with your site. I visit it quite often…. VISITORS NOTE: Sorry for the lack of updatdes, my internet is down. The site will have a huge update on Nov 1st. Thank you for your patience everyone!

  11. amine Says:

    Hey, don’t worry about it sheldon!;) there’s still enough things on the site to keep us entertained. And by the way, in case nobody noticed: The Site has reached over 1.5 million hits!!! Soooo, Hooray for The OC!!!

    THE O.C. 4 Ever

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