A recent interview that Cam did with Men’s Health:

On working like hell: “Well, you can always do what the O.C. kids did and hate your work. When I was on that show, they all just wanted to go on and do bigger things. I imagine that’s hard. You can be as frustrated as you want, but you still have to show up for work. People don’t want to hear about it if you’re frustrated with your big career break. You still have to have a sense of gratitude and professionalism no matter what you do. I’ve been mad at everyone and everything at times. Deal with it at home .”

I can’t believe that someone can be so rude – what does everybody else think, rude or not?

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  1. xicofixas Says:

    it was rude, but also honest….. it doesn’t matter for me because i’m and i always will be a fan.

  2. gaston Says:


  3. Matt J Says:

    You know what, sadly I have to say this is probably true, as much as I wish it wasn’t.

    I think especially as the series went on, the third and fourth seasons, you definitely got the sense that people were getting sick of their work. Even if they didn’t outright say it, I think the younger members of the cast were ready to move on, and after a while there was just this air of doing it out of obligation rather than passion. It was really sad to see and quite frankly disappointing that they seemingly lacked that gratitude toward the show that gave them careers in the first place.

  4. Pia Says:

    Agree with Matt!! Still a huge OC and Ben McKenzie fan though ;D

  5. ben=love Says:

    Gaston, you can’t say it isn’t true when they all owned up to not being passionate about the show anymore. They were all thankful, but were ready for new things. I don’t think it was rude of Cam, I mean, he was just saying the honesty of the situation.

    None of us are just going to close up shop on The O.C. because of this small comment. We all knew it was true and we all love The O.C., nothing will change that for us! We are the fans, and we can’t suddenly not like it because of the actors preferences and complaints.

    I think we should just be mature about it and move on. It isn’t a big deal, you’re making it one!

  6. Pia Says:

    To Ben=Love; You said it – My thoughts exactly ;D

  7. Rudolph Says:

    Matt and ben=love pretty much nailed it down. ‘Nuff said.

  8. savetheoc Says:

    True Matt and Georgia 😉

    Although, he could have been a little more discreet about the whole situation. He didn’t have to reveal it in a magazine article 2 years later, thats pretty much what ticked me off…

  9. Pia Says:

    I’ve read an article aswell about 2years ago where it was “Marissa Dad” they talked to about the exact thing, so old news i guess ;o)

  10. RyanSeth123 Says:

    I don’t think its rude, imagine how hard it was for him working with ungrateful actors and that is why mischa barton lefted because she kept on turning in late and stuff and i think it was more adam brody and rachel bilson and mischa barton who are the so-called kids becuase ben mckenzie has done independent films, plays and now going back to television and is now 30 and probably was more grateful for the chance that the oc gave him.

  11. stiler Says:

    I am pretty disappointed to read stuff like this…I mean, let’s face it, before the OC…Adam Brody had popped up in a few different shows as a mild guest star…Rachel Bilson was completely unknown…Mischa was gaining some traction in the industry but not much and Benjamin McKenzie had a credit on JAG to his name. These actors were made the stars they are today through the vessel that was The OC…Which is why I find it quite annoying to hear another report from a reputable source claiming that the OC Kids were ungrateful. Tate Donovan said the same thing about a year ago and I think Cam was just backing up what was already well-known. I love the show and always will…but I do find it hard to enjoy at times when you know the stars weren’t happy. So much for moving on to bigger and better things…Bilson is really the only one progressing.

  12. loveben Says:

    I don’t know why everyone here is defending Cam. In my opinion he was very rude to say what he did, even if what he said was true.

    Personally, I wouldn’t blame anyone if he/she wanted to move on and do bigger and better, I think it’s only natural for actors to want to grow and do other things. Plus, lets face it, by season 3 (when Cam came along) the OC was not the same show anymore, it wasn’t as good or as successful. I’m sure all the cast was appreciative of what the show brought them, especially those that were complete unknown before the show, but it’s only natural to want to do other things and grow as actors.

    Cam was clearly using this to make himself look good and to promote his movie. If you ask me, Cam is the one that’s developing “star attitude” here; he says that the OC starts were unprofessional? Well, calling out your former co-star is not really professional of him either.

  13. a Says:

    Nobody is stopping Cam from saying the things that he said. But making yourself look better by putting down others is not the classiest thing to do, in any business.

    And about Rachel Bilson “progressing”? She got horrendous reviews for her acting in Jumper and is known more these days for her lovelife and her clothes. For some celebrities, that’s progress I suppose.

  14. Kid Chino Says:

    The show is over and the sad thing is that the cast members them
    selves are happy with it. I think that us as fans need to understand
    that they are actors, and that they are doing a job. I know that every
    O.C. fan including myself would have love to see a season 5, but with
    out the casts support and without them fightning for another season it was
    hopeless. I just don’t understand why FOX set up the save the O.C. sight
    when they new that they were going to cancel the show. Feb 22, 2007 was
    a sad day for this O.C. fan. I wrote this 2 years ago, on the old savetheoc site
    and it looks like Cam said the same thing can’t hate him for that. On the other hand he should not have called out his co-worker like that. It’s just wrong, Peace Chino

  15. loveben Says:

    Kid Chino, Cam didn’t say that the actors should have saved the OC or fight for another season, he said that they didn’t like working on the show anymore and suggested they are unprofessional because of it. This is what I didn’t like about what he said because while I loved the OC and would have loved nothing more than to see a season 5, I can totally understand the actors desire to move on and do other things.

    In my opinion Cam was clearly trying to make himself look good on the expanse of others and trying to promote his movie (that from what I heard so far, is not that good), but if you ask me his behavior is much worst than what he suggest “the oc kids” did.

  16. Sean Says:

    Cam was just being honest. He’s not responsible for what the other actor’s did. If he told the truth that’s their problem, they should have been more professional at their jobs, and yes it was a huge break for them. They should have expressed their gratitude instead of acting like it was an imposition to work there. besides I haven’t seen many of them since the O.C. went away. So what did it get them? No paycheck.

  17. loveben Says:

    I have no doubt that Can was telling the truth but I don’t think he did it to be honest he did it to make himself look good and to promote his movie. I have no problem with the OC kids wanting to do other things and I don’t think its unprofessional of them to fell like this, I do however think that Cam bad mouthing his co-stars is unprofessional especially when none of the OC kids ever said anything bad about him.

    I’m sure they all appreciated what the show has given them, all of them said so many times before during interviews but I think its natural for actors to want to move on after a few years and to feel unsatisfied with their job when they can’t.

    I’m not sure why you haven’t seen them since the OC I certainly did. But even if I didn’t, I don’t think that’s really the point. Maybe some of them are not looking for fame? Maybe they just wanted to do something different and challenge themselves as actors or to take their career in different directions. Whatever the reason is, they are entitle to feel the way they felt and Cam’s comment is nothing but rude, mean spirit and totally unprofessional, even if he is telling the truth.

  18. savetheoc Says:

    loveben: “I have no doubt that Can was telling the truth but I don’t think he did it to be honest he did it to make himself look good and to promote his movie. I have no problem with the OC kids wanting to do other things and I don’t think its unprofessional of them to fell like this, I do however think that Cam bad mouthing his co-stars is unprofessional especially when none of the OC kids ever said anything bad about him.”

    I totally agree with this paragraph, it sums all of my thought’s up! 😉

  19. ben=love Says:

    Sheldon, I just noticed: you made my side-icon Ben!!!! I love it. *huge silly grin*

  20. savetheoc Says:

    Haha, I didn’t lol… I thought you did it!

  21. RyanSeth123 Says:

    There are many reasons there wasn’t a season 5 e.g. marissa death, the departure of Gail Berman the president of fox during season 1 & 2 and after that the show didn’t have the support from the new fox president and is the reason why josh didn’t have alot input in the show in season 3 therefore Josh has said that he knew the show didn’t have long left after the end of season 2 but i think that the factor the actors didn’t really want to continue the show was part of the downfall however its stupid because when you start on a show like that the actors sign six years contracts.

  22. ben=love Says:

    WHAT?! Weird. lol. It’s awesome anyway, no matter how it got there, haha 😆

  23. Pia Says:

    Come on guys – Seriously let it go ;o)

  24. Pia Says:

    Mean it with a smile though…. But come on – Nothing to do about it after all this time, done is done and we’re still devoted OC fans ;o) So get on with it ;D

  25. Beck Says:

    I think that season 1 was the only one that the actors looked like they were truely enjoying themselves!

  26. brian Says:

    I love the fact that Cam said this. I believe it is true and fault those kids for the demise of the show. Tate Donovan said basiceally the same thing about a year ago. I believe it is absolutely the truth and am glad that more than one person is saying it. I think a lot of the rumors we heard about Mischa on the set are true. I think Rachel has no real appreciation for what The O.C. did for her. Too bad, because her movies are CRAP. Jumper? Worst movie ever. Adam is arrogant. The only one I can’t see being like this is Ben, but who knows. Whatever.

  27. ben=love Says:

    I’m not going to let Brian’s comment affect me. He can think what he likes and us FANS of the cast and show can continue to have an intellectual comments page about this.

    Crazy Sheldon. I don’t know wtf has gone on!! lol. Oh well, I’m not complaining. hehe *dozes off to a day-dream that includes me, Ben and the fact we are the only two remaining people on the earth*

  28. savetheoc Says:

    Brian, how is Adam ignorant? And why do you think Rachel’s movies are crap? Please, you don’t know what you are talking about. You shouldn’t say things that you’re uncertain of.

    I agree Pia, life goes on 😉

    Georgia, you make me laugh 😆

  29. Kid Chino Says:

    People what ever this guy said doesn’t change the fact that the show is over with. So he did it to better himself, and down play the fact that the other actors didn’t like doing the show. I think that it was wrong for him to call out his co-workers like that, but thats show business. I’m a big O.C. fan and always will be it put CHino on the map. So lets keep up all the great talks that we have had on this site, and leave the trash talking to people on other sites. Peace Kid

  30. ben=love Says:

    Why, thank you Sheldon. And I swear that is the best emoticon ever 😆 😆 😆

  31. ben=love Says:

    Damn, the middle one didn’t come up. lol.

  32. savetheoc Says:

    Haha, yeah, I think there’s a limit of 2 🙂

  33. Pia Says:

    Thanks Sheldon ;D And Georgia how do you make these smileys think theyre awesome,lol!!!! Take care guys and btw its snowing in little Denmark today, Oy its getting cold and the winther is coming…. Miss the summer and the sun – think i would do great in sunny california ;D

  34. Dani Says:

    I was sitting thinking what is it that ticked me off about this. I figured it out. It’s not what he said…it’s how he said it. I think we all knew this beforehand: the cast had lost a certain spark. It’s very noticable during S3. I do not blame the loss of energy and interest in them, I actually blame it on how things went during S3. As a huge fan, it was definitely The OC’s downfall and I am pretty sure the actors were aware of it. Therefore, the actors could’ve felt like the show wasn’t as promising as it was during S1 or S2.
    Anyways, on Cam. First of all, he shouldn’t have labeled them as “OC Kids”. That is, in a certain way, dissing. Second, it’s clearly obvious he said this to make him look like a professional actor, since it’s sort of out of place to say something like this 2 years later. Anyways, I love Cam’s work here on The OC, but please, trying to rate a ‘CAST’s work to make yourself a better person is really not the way to be professional. Stick to your acting, to your movies, and keep quiet of what goes on inside. It’s no scandal, it’s no big deal..he said it himself: Deal with it at home.

  35. Matt J Says:

    Getting tired of your work in and of itself is not what was unprofessional. If the cast privately desired to move on, which undoubtedly they did, that would have been fine. But the problem was that in my opinion it was visible in their work. It was clear, performance wise, that they were no longer putting in the effort they once did. No matter how you feel about the material, you better be throwing 100% of yourself in it if you consider yourself a professional. You don’t get to make excuses.

    “Twilight” looks like utter shit, “Never Back Down” was a joke, but I respect Cam (and Tate Donovan) for telling it like it is. Of all the “OC kids” hes the last one that needs to put others down to bring himself up – at least he’s getting work.

  36. ben=love Says:

    Pia, you just type lol with colons on either side, like in between my two emoticons, that is how you type it. I just did too many I think, haha, and wordpress couldn’t deal or something 😉

  37. ben=love Says:

    BTW, the comment before my previous one is where the 😆 is

  38. Pia Says:

    Thanks sweetie… Here’s my first try “lol”

  39. Pia Says:

    Hmm…. I didnt work though…. I try again later – kind of busy at the moment but still thanks sweetie ;D

  40. Pia Says:

    Hmm…. A colon is hopefully the same in Danish too…. Maybe im just being clumsy ;D

  41. Pia Says:

    ^^ Maybe it takes some game ;D I cant get it right at the moment, dang it…. ;D I try again another day – Take care ya’ll a have an awesome sunday – Night night from Denmark ( saturday midnight)

  42. ben=love Says:


    that’s a colon. It’s probably why it’s not working ’cause you’re doing brackets are quotation marks! 🙂

  43. Pia Says:

    off course ;D Thanks sweetie, lol!!!! Dang im a fool ;D But allways good with some comic ;D Guess i was the comic releaf yesterday…. Must be the cold in Denmark ;D

  44. Pia Says:

    😆 Does it work now??

  45. Pia Says:

    YEAH it does, Awesome awesome awesome THANKS so much Georgia youre a sweetie

  46. ben=love Says:

    No problems hun. Glad you’ve got it figured.

  47. Pia Says:

    Yup its great – must have been really tired the other day since i couldnt remember a colon, lol big time – BUT now its in order – Take care sweetie and looking forward to the new OC Blog ;o)

    Night night from Denmark – Sweet dreams

  48. Mimi Says:

    Cam was being honest. he was just saying be professional while it is still on, if the didn’t want another season fine. But as llong as you are part of it be professional about it and don’t cry.
    Who cares if he was prompting his movie that what actors do. Cam you go you SEXY MAN!

  49. brian Says:

    ben=love, you can continue living with blinder on if you like, but when more than one person says something about someone or a group of people, in this case The O.C. kids, well, where there is smoke there is usually fire.

    savetheoc, I did not say Adam was ignorant, I said he is arrogant. Comes off that way every time I see him. Not that I see him often these days. I bet he wishes now that he could still be playing Seth Cohen. As far as Rachel’s movies, let me know when one comes out that isn’t crap.

  50. beau Says:

    Rude?? No, just honest!!!

  51. M Says:

    ^LOL. You do realize that you can be both rude and honest….

    I think Cam is an Asshole.

  52. emma Says:


  53. loveoc Says:

    i do not think it was rude for cam to say this. i will always love the oc and everything about it but the reason marissa was killed off was because she wanted to do “bigger” things. she was ungrateful. but what has she done since the show? pretty much nothing. none of them have except for cam and ben. so, i think he has the right to speak up.

    i do agree though that it’s 2 years after the show has ended. there is no point in bringing it up.

  54. santana Says:

    Cam is hot so i agree with him 🙂

  55. Stephanie Says:

    How is that rude?

    I agree with him, a sense of professionalism is required for any career.

  56. Meghane Says:

    I dont think this is rude at all, i think he is just really honest which i admire. Most people in his situation would be fake and dishonest butnot Cam!

    And if you think about it he isnt like ‘screw the little people i want to be famous’ – even if its a little part he does it and he likes what he does, isnt that the while point?

    I am and always will be a fan of CAM 😀

  57. abrody=myman Says:

    Cam can say whatever he wants anytime, any place, anywhere. He can do whatever and I will continue to worship his abs. I think that the cancellation of the oc was a huge mistake in television network series. The OC is a thing of beauty. it is something only few appreciate and understand the complexity of the characters and their surroundings. After faithfully watching the show it is clear to me that over the 4 seasons the characters, espeicially summer roberts have progressed in many ways-she became much much less of an airhead and into a caring, environmentally aware human being . I think it is a tragedy that this show is no longer with us and I mourn it’s death.

  58. FuckCam Says:

    You girls are idiots! You only think he’s right because he’s “hot”.

  59. Becky Says:

    Ok guys i will admit that i think Cam is the hottest guy alive but that doesn’t mean that he is right im sure he did the smae thing when he was still a “little” person… in the movie/tv business…
    IDK what to say aboout it but sooner or later everyone will forget the whole damn thing so stop fricking crying about it…..

  60. Tracey Says:

    No, that wasn’t being rude, that was life. The world goes on whether you have a problem or not, and there’s nothing you can do about it! So dont stop to complain, because what Cam said was true.Everyone has problems in the world, but they suck it up and move on. Thats what the O.C. kids, along with anyone else that thinks he was rude and/or wrong, needs to do!!!

  61. james! Says:

    it wasnt being rude, it 100% for mischa barton. On an interview which can be found on youtube she states that the oc was a ‘unhealthy working enviroment’ and that we where contracted so when film roles where offered me and adam (brody) couldn’t them.

    i doubt that Cam would lie, people get too big for their boots and think that they are too big for things which actually got them where they are today, no one knows what people are really like off screen. But all i can say is that they haven’t really been succesful since leaving the OC, not many except Rachel Bilson has stared in top Hollywood films such as JUMPER and mischa has done low budge films and has returned to another series along side being a lohan wanna be!

  62. Sassy Says:

    You know, it may have been rude, but honesty isn’t something you come by a lot these days, so I think he should be commended for speaking his mind and making his opinion known.

  63. tony Says:

    I totally agree with Cam, if you’re not happy at work, don’t bitch about it. Quit, or in their case, for Pete’s sake, your on TV, get over it. You are making gobs of money and you need to suck it up. I don’t even watch the OC, I think it’s just a bunch of pretty people bitching about stupid things. Be happy you are on TV. You go CAM!

  64. Agree with Matt!! Still a huge OC and Ben McKenzie fan though ;D

  65. Gared Says:

    I’m tired of the truth being told and everyone questioning the motives if the truthteller! The last season of The OC was garbage due to the lousy, lazy acting by everyone but McKenzie and Gigandet and they all acted like they were bigger than their jobs. Seriously, and this applies to Starbuck’s or The OC: if you’re so much better than your job that you can’t be bothered to be good at it, QUIT! Your job has become more than you can handle and you’re making yourself look like a lazy, useless person! You only get yourself a bad reputation sticking with a place you can’t stand and it stays with you forever. Your NAME is all you’ll ever own outright and forever: you’d better safeguard it by being good at what you CHOOSE to do (or don’t do well).

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