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The O.C., otherwise known as Orange County, California, is an idyllic paradise – a wealthy, harbor-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect. But beneath the surface is a world of shifting loyalties and identities, of kids living secret lives, hidden from their parents, and of parents living secret lives, hidden from their children. Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks who is thrust into this world, will soon learn that nothing is what it seems. He moves to the O.C. when Sandy Cohen, an idealistic pro-bono public defender, invites him to stay in his guest house. Sandy’s wife, Kirsten, wealthy and beautiful, former homecoming queen, perfect spouse, mother, and business woman, isn’t happy that Ryan has moved in. And she’s worried about how it will affect their teenage son Seth, a soulful dreamer ostracized by his peers. Making the whole situation more interesting is Marissa Cooper, the heartbreakingly beautiful girl next door who seems to glide through life effortlessly. That is, until the indiscretions of her wealthy father Jimmy, threaten to break her world apart. The O.C. is a story of fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and the coming of age of three young people. Ryan’s arrival is the catalyst for new alliances forged, old flames rekindled, and unlikely friendships born.



An existential hero in the spirit of Holden Caulfield, Benjamin Braddock or any John Cusack character from the late ’80s, Seth is socially awkward, a bit of a wise-ass and, despite his best efforts to appear otherwise, full of longing. The only child of Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, he has grown up in the “Newport Beach bubble” – good schools, a stocked fridge, his own sailboat and trips to
Europe. From the outside it looks like Seth has it all but, like his father, he senses there is something else out there… and he yearns for it.
At the end of Season One, devastated by Ryan’s decision to return to Chino, Seth set sail for Tahiti… by way of
Oregon. Then when Ryan decided to return to the Cohen’s, Seth came to the conclusion that the greater Northwest wasn’t for him after all. But one thing Seth hadn’t counted on was returning to discover Summer was seeing someone else – Zach — someone surprisingly not unlike himself, only better looking and more athletic. In an attempt to distract himself from his obsession with Summer, Seth took a job at The Bait Shop and fell for Alex, the feisty, tattooed club manager. The only problem seemed to be that Alex’s Ex was still hanging around… and her Ex was a she. To make matters worse, Seth discovered Summer was leaving on a romantic trip to
Tuscany with her perfect boyfriend, Zach. But his hopes were rewarded when Summer suddenly appeared at his house and gave him a superhero kiss.



From Ryan’s first moments in
Newport Beach, he found himself in conflict with the rich elitist society. In the beginning, his very presence in
Newport Beach threatened the security of its inhabitants and their way of life simply because this troubled teenager was unable and unwilling to conform. Despite many obstacles, Ryan eventually won the heart of
Newport’s princess, Marissa Cooper. However, playing White Knight to Marissa’s Damsel in Distress eventually took its toll on Ryan and the relationship. Then, when Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Theresa showed up in Newport in an attempt to escape her life in
Chino, Ryan had a hard time resisting the comfort of a familiar face from home. When Ryan discovered Theresa was pregnant, he did the “right thing” and, despite not knowing for certain whether the child was his, moved back to
Chino to help raise it. But Theresa, realizing Ryan would never be happy in
Chino, also did the “right thing” and told him she had lost the baby. Ryan then returned to
Newport and the Cohen’s. After a quick and unsuccessful attempt at reuniting with Marissa, Ryan met a “fish-out-of-water” like himself. After a bit of a rocky start, it appeared to be smooth sailing for him and Lindsay … until they discovered she was actually Caleb’s daughter, Kirsten’s sister and in some remote way, Ryan’s aunt. Eventually, Lindsay chose to move back to
Boston with her mom and Ryan mourned the loss of what might have been. Seth, on the other hand, celebrated the notion that now Ryan and Marissa could get back together and they could all return to being the fabulous foursome they once were. Ryan slowly warmed up to Seth’s “The Way We Were” plan and eventually he and Marissa reunited. But then Ryan’s brother, Trey, tried to rape Marissa. When Ryan found out, he tracked down his brother and they fought. Unfortunately, Trey had a gun and the fight went from ugly to deadly. Before Trey could do in his brother, Marissa grabbed the gun and shot him in the back.



Summer is Marissa’s best friend and the ultimate
Newport Beach party girl. Exuding brash self-confidence and a sly sexuality, Summer always speaks her mind, always gets what she wants, and never has any regrets.Spoiled by her father since the divorce of her parents, Summer is an irresistible, magnetic narcissist. She’s growing up fast in a town whose principal values are money and physical beauty — and she’s loving every minute of it. Summer was once the longtime object of Seth Cohen’s unwavering (if unrequited) affection. Though his physical attraction to her was undeniable, Seth saw beneath Summer’s brilliant surface charms to the sweetness and free-spiritedness at her core. And after many ill-fated attempts to win Summer’s affection, he finally succeeded.When Summer first allowed Seth into her life, she never expected to fall for him the way she did. And that presented her with a profound problem – ruin her reputation by dating a nerd or miss out on infinite hours of fun. She reluctantly chose fun.Then, after Seth abandoned her and headed North, she disguised her anger and hurt in a designer coat of “Cohen, who?” She started dating Zach, a good-looking, popular water polo player but, hard as she tried, she couldn’t get Cohen off her mind. On the day Summer was supposed to leave for romantic
Tuscany with Zach, she realized her feelings for Seth had never really gone away and she said goodbye to a surprisingly understanding Zach at the airport.Of course, life is never easy for Seth and Summer. He got distracted with his comic book, she had the wrong date at the prom. But, finally they came together, only to be witnesses to the unfolding drama of Ryan and Marissa



The daughter of Jimmy and Julie Cooper, Marissa lived next door to the Cohen’s her entire life. She had it all, great friends, a great boyfriend and the perfect family. Or so we thought… the day she met Ryan, everything in her world changed. Since then she has been forced to make tough choices and take responsibility for her life. With each new decision, she has sent a loud message to the community — “I don’t care what you think.” She stood by her father, befriended Seth, left her boyfriend and found herself falling in love with the ultimate outsider.Marissa and Ryan’s relationship was challenged every step of the way, by her jealous ex-boyfriend and over-controlling mother; but when Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Theresa, showed up in an attempt to escape her life in
Chino, everything was turned upside-down. Theresa later became pregnant; and despite the uncertainty as to whose child it was, Ryan did the right thing and returned to
Chino in order to care for Theresa and the baby.As if Ryan’s departure wasn’t enough, Marissa was given the unwelcome news that her mother was marrying Caleb Nichol. Then she learned about Caleb’s underhanded plan to force her to live with them in his mansion. Not surprisingly, Marissa returned to her out-of-control ways, engaging in as many forms of rebellion as she could come up with, including drugs, alcohol, delinquency, dating the hot yard guy, and the hot club girl.With Lindsay and Alex out of the picture, and with a little help from Seth, Marissa and Ryan have slowly reunited. And to demonstrate her loyalty to Ryan, Marissa made an effort to help Trey find an apartment and job. Unfortunately, Trey misinterpreted Marissa’s desire to help as a desire to hook up. After a few too many drinks, he forced himself on her. She managed to escape but not without a few cuts and bruises. When Ryan finally discovered what happened, he went after Trey. Marissa arrived on the scene and just before Trey could smash Ryan’s head with a telephone, she picked up a gun and shot him in the back.



Sandy Cohen grew up in the Bronx, his Dad was gone, his Mom worked all the time. Sandy came out to California to attend law school at U.C. Berkeley. While there, he met an uptight but beautiful, if a little too refined, undergrad — Kirsten Nichol. Kirsten, daughter of privilege and California shiksa goddess, found Sandy to be the most exciting man she had ever met. Witty, wild and cool, Sandy brought fun and laughter into Kirsten’s life. They lived in a mail truck, traveling the country, living like true bohemians until family circumstances drew Kirsten back into her wealthy Newport Beach family, and Sandy found himself living a life he never imagined, in a mansion on a hill.
It’s been quite a year for Sandy. He’s gone from being a Public Defender to a Corporate Lawyer to having his own private practice in a funky beach bungalow. He orchestrated his son’s return to California, kept his father-in-law out of prison, and attempted to clear his ex-girlfriend/alleged terrorist’s, name. Needless to say, all of this has taken a toll on his seemingly unshakable marriage.
After watching his wife retreat into an alcoholic haze, Sandy orchestrated an intervention which landed Kirsten in an alcohol treatment center for an undesignated amount of time. It may look more like a country club than a rehab center, but when Sandy and Kirsten are told they won’t be able to speak for the next 72 hours while she’s in detox, it quickly becomes evident that this place means business.



Sardonic and smart, Kirsten is the one whom everyone looks up to. A loving mother and an incredibly shrewd and powerful businesswoman, Kirsten has a worldliness and intelligence, an earthiness and curiosity that sets her apart. Kirsten puts on a strong armor, but she is incredibly lonely. She feels she lost Sandy as her best friend and Seth as her little boy. The joyful young family who once backpacked through Thailand and camped on the beach now sits woodenly around a formal dining room table with little to say. When Ryan enters the family, Kirsten discovers she can be herself around him. Seeing herself through Ryan’s eyes, Kirsten becomes aware of just how much she’s given up, and what it will take to reconnect with her son and rekindle her marriage.

Kirsten has been challenged by a number of recent events – her father’s marriage to her rival, Julie Cooper; the disappearance of her son, Seth; an investigation into her father and their company; the sudden discovery that she has a half-sister she’s never known who happens to be the same age as her son; and the mysterious return of her husband’s ex-girlfriend. And, although Kirsten’s weathered these storms with grace, it hasn’t been without a cost… especially to her marriage. She attempted to alleviate her sense of loss and loneliness by taking comfort in Carter Buckley, the handsome, idealistic-turned-cynical new magazine editor at Newport Living. But after his sudden departure, she turned to alcohol to ease her pain. Then, after losing her father to a sudden heart attack, her reliance on alcohol became all-consuming and she became the unexpected focus of a family intervention. Kirsten is currently an inpatient at a rehab facility.



Julie’s spent her entire life wanting to be on the inside, to see the world through the tinted glass of a limousine, to have it all. With Jimmy she got everything, but it still wasn’t enough. Julie grew up on the wrong side of the O.C., much like Ryan. And when she got pregnant with Marissa, Jimmy did the honorable thing of marrying her. Julie had been living the high life but that all changed when Jimmy faced criminal charges for embezzling from his clients. But, always the survivor, Julie decided to make an upwardly mobile move and pursued the richest man in Newport — Caleb Nichol.

Julie’s marriage to Caleb did nothing to improve her already distant relationship with her daughter, Marissa. Neither did the affair she subsequently had with her ex-husband and Marissa’s father, Jimmy Cooper. Julie launched a new magazine about the lives of the rich, fabulous and dysfunctional, called Newport Living. But becoming a high-profile member of the community has its drawbacks, as Julie recently discovered when a ghost from her past came back to blackmail her.

After suffering the humiliation of having her adult video screened in front of the Newport elite, Julie and Caleb took off on an unplanned European “vacation.” After returning, Caleb served Julie with divorce papers. Julie turned to Sandy for legal advice, but he only confirmed that she was not entitled to a thing if the papers were filed before their first year of marriage was complete… which was still a few days away. Julie devised a Machiavellian plan to invite Caleb over for some lethal margaritas. In the end, however, she couldn’t go through with it, and while she was dumping out the tainted goods, Caleb had a heart-attack, falling in the pool and drowning. Jimmy Cooper returned for the funeral and after a romantic day aboard his sailboat, announced to Marissa that they were going to take another stab at being a family.



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