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51 Comments on “Cast Wallpapers”

  1. lorry Says:

    u r king

  2. savetheoc Says:

    Hey Lorry!! I know lol….

  3. trisha Says:

    the oc ,s ben mackenzie is a verry hot sexey nice a and really hot and sexey and romantic

  4. liana_cohen Says:

    i luv this shows…..marissa n ryan r so romantic…seth n sumeer, they r made for each other…this shows r roc’

  5. dani_girl Says:

    omg iluv the oc and all these layouts they are really awsome

  6. savetheoc Says:

    Wallpapers last updated: November 10th 2006

  7. carla Says:

    hey sheldon! thanks for trying to save the OC! question: why are you no longer posting the episodes!??!?!??!?! live overseas and can’t see them on tv!

    pls post them! thx

  8. savetheoc Says:

    Hay Carla, 4 some reason i cant upload to Gigasize, so i rely on other people to upload it 4 me.

    I do have 404 uploaded tho, check out the main page!

  9. savetheoc Says:

    Wallapers updates 9th December 2006

  10. hillary Says:

    hey, i love everthing about the O.C. The O.C rocks

  11. moi Says:

    soooo coool!!!
    in Holland it’s not on tv anymore!!! i want it back!!!!
    i really love the oc!!!
    who made al this picturs! i like it!! how did you do!!??

  12. Ami Says:

    hey can u make some wallpapers of the new OC gang i really want something with Ryan And Taylor,they are the cutest!

  13. Christine Kherbaoui Says:

    Why in the world are they cancelling the OC? Are they CRAZY. I LOVE THE OC!!! and i will forever!!!

  14. Save OC we want OC Says:

    Omg we have to save the OC its the only show that i really watch and i look up to the people and its the best teen soap ever like screw the rest OC’s the best!! AND WHO IN THIS WORLD WOULD CANCEL IT IM GONNA BE SO MAD AND I WILL MAKE A QUIRREL ABOUT THIS. cause why would you ever ever thing that OC should be taken that is just sick and wrong

  15. Todumb4u Says:

    Wicked graphics here

    thanks good job and keep it up:)

  16. TAYLAH Says:


  17. RAUL Says:

    I NEED A WALLPAPER OF ANA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  18. Jeremy bolhover Says:

    i need and want a wall paper of the whole cast of the o.c.

  19. amanda Says:

    i love def goona cry forever tonite

  20. Ryan Says:

    I can’t beleave it ended, but it ended so good, I started crying. I love your wallpapers, you have an amazing talent! I heard The Oc ended because since Marissa died, everybody stopped watching it….. but that’s not true! Alot of people watched it! I watched it from the very beginning, and it made me sad to watch it come to an end, but it ended really well… they couldn’t have done better 😥

  21. megan Says:

    anyone know what the last song on the finale episode was called?? i want it on my ipod!!

  22. Dwane Says:

    The O.C. TV show has ended.
    But the memories of that show will live on in the minds & hearts of all those who loved watching it.
    Right from the start of the show with the theme song, and intro into the show gave me yet another desire to visit California. Although I have always loved most things about the USA since I was a young boy.
    It fueled & motivated me to fly over there. I totally enjoyed most of the Cali as I traveled up and down the State. Then on my return 2 years later, and after traveling many other States of the US. Southern Cali is still my favourite State, second only to Nashville, TN.

    I will be buying all 3 sesions at some point, or requesting it for Christmas if I havnt brought it by then…lol!

    It will be be missed by many, Sure it was different when Mischa Barton left the show, but it was then able to focus on so many other characters involved with the show.
    Also I was hoping that the final episode was going to have a great storyline.
    And it didnt disapoint, It was great know where each character ended up. So now we still feel connected to those characters, even though the show has finnished.
    It will be awhile before another show of this calibre will be produced.

    It may have finnished but it will not be forgotten!

    I look forward to a reunion of The O.C. in the future.

    And also wish all the characters the very best in their up and coming roles & what ever they decide to do in life!

    Go for it guys! You’ve made us proud!

  23. kyle Says:

    i totally adore summer(rachael bilson) she is the best looking girl in th whole show

    p.s in the show most of the people e.g summer, ryan are 16 yr old but in real life are 20+ lol

  24. Amy Says:

    Hi is it possible to get wallpapers with Ryan and Tayor on them instead of Marrisa?

  25. SALE Says:

    Please, is it posible to get a wallpapers with ANNA? SHE IS THE BEST GIRL OF THE WORLD!

  26. ocprincess10 Says:

    omg, i miss the oc soo much!!! im still crying about it! and, it ended on my 15th bday!! totally sucks!!!! o well, i quess ill just hav 2 find something else to do on thursdays, but i will never foget the oc, it was the best! i still cant believe it was canceld

  27. hyaicnth Says:

    I miss Marissa adn Ryan together! R Ryan and Marissa going out for real?

  28. Allie Says:

    There were three songs featured on the season finale. First was “The New Seeker” by Clinic. It was played when Ryan and Taylor make out in the berkley house. Then there was my personal favorite, “Shine On” by Jet, which is the song they play when Frank is running up to the church trying to win Julie back. The third is “On A Saturday” by Jacob Golden, which is played when Julie and Kaitlyn talk about the future while Kirsten and Sandy look at old photos. The last song which is played at the very end as it shows the time passing, (ex: Summer & Seth getting married , Ryan talking to the young boy) is called “Live Is A Song” by Patrick Park who also sings “Something Pretty” from The OC: Mix 2.

    Man, I am going to miss this show. I cry whenever I watch the last five minutes I own all the DVD’s and soundtracks and know everything about it. Never missed an episode. But the OC will forever be in my heart. =[

    “Life Is A Song” Patrick Park This song plays over the end of the episode montage

  29. meg Says:

    I LOVE THE OC!!!
    even though marissa died and i cried for about days..! The oc will still remain in my heart and in the hearts of everyeon who ever loved seth cohen and the show



  31. mavin Says:

    that was so soon………….

  32. britney Says:

    i love the oc soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i was there #1 fan and i have seen every ep more than 3 times soo bet that ha u cant

  33. hellen Says:

    well i meet misha bet that haha

  34. britney Says:

    uer right

  35. hana Says:

    i love the oc i think we should sign a pitishion to put it back on please

  36. natalie Says:

    hey great wallpapers!! =)

  37. MaRiA Says:

    The oc is the best thing thats every happened! I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH MORE THAN NE1 ELSE IN THE WORLD!

  38. bby sarz Says:

    omg i so cant blive they finishin the oc every1 make sure u sign the petition to save the oc cuz it so rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  39. BeccaXxX Says:

    Oh gawd!!! i luv the oc soo sooo soooo much!! i cant belive it ended! i cryed the whole thru the last episode lol! awww ryan and marissa were the best couple thruout the oc years! Lol i hope the make one last episode!!!!!! lol R.I.P the oc! luff ya! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. leo medici Says:

    I love the O.C. sssssooooo muuch its not even funny i seen
    every ep 10 times each i got 123 geting 4 ………..
    i just love it more then anybody no one likes it more then me
    ryan , marissa , summer and seth R # 1 and the other ppl lol!!!
    R.I.P O.C. i willllll miss u lots and lots

  41. mitsuki-chan Says:

    really great wallpapers, but would PLEASE anyone make a wallpaper with ryan & taylor, they are so cute together!!!

  42. sabry Says:

    I love oc very much!!!marissa and ryan forever!!!seth and summer forever!!!mischa and benjamin forever also in the realityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also rachel and adam!!!!yeah yeah yeah W MARISSA AND RYAN

  43. Aaliya Says:

    hey,savetheoc,ure the best!!!!!how can i vote for u on the top 50 sites list???????plz tell me!!!:D

  44. savetheoc Says:

    ^ Click on theocshow banners on the homepage 🙂

  45. Rude Says:

    UR awesome SavetheOC, i wish we could…. ;)i mean my girly wishes you could.. save the OC that is.

  46. Tinka Says:

    The OC was the best in season 1 and 2!!!
    I will miss what the show could have been had they kept Marissa in there and not overdone her character 2 much.

    Marissa and Ryan – Best couple!! and Seth and Summer follow behind! I miss Marissa then Summer then Seth then Ryan!

  47. o.c obsesser Says:

    i love the oc

  48. Sarah Says:

    the oc rocks

  49. rachel Says:

    ooh my god
    u r born for this page (:
    the wallpapers r all so butiful^^
    haha yess really they’r wonderful
    I’d be in love with Seth..
    he’s so a nice guy xD
    I love u..(L)

  50. andrea Says:

    omg really cool wallpapers there so nice, i really like them keep up the good work.

  51. Brooke Says:

    i love the oc so so so much that i have 102 pictures of the oc and the oc gang


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