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Season 3 – Weekly Ratings:

Episode 1, “The Aftermath”– 7.6 million viewers

Episode 2, “The Shape Of Things To Come”– 6.2 million viewers

Episode 3, “The End Of Innocence”– 6.5 million viewers

Episode 4, “The Last Waltz”– 6.56 million viewers

Episode 5, “The Perfect Storm”– 6.6 million viewers

Episode 6, “The Swells” — 5.73 million viewers

Episode 7, “The Anger Management” — 6.2 million viewers

Episode 8, “The Game Plan” — 5.87 million viewers

Episode 9, “The Disconnect” — 5.76 million viewers

Episode 10, “The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah” — 6.2 million viewers

Episode 11, “The Safe Harbor” — 5.05 million viewers

Episode 12, “The Sister Act” — 5.2 million viewers

Episode 13, “The Pot Stirrer” — 5.7 million viewers

Episode 14, “The Cliffhanger” — 5.35 million viewers

Episode 15, “The Heavy-Lifting” — 5.25 million viewers

Episode 16, “The Road Warrior” — 7.44 million viewers

Episode 17, “The Journey” — 5.45 million viewers

Episode 18, “The Undertow” — 5.38 million viewers

Episode 19, “The Secrets and Lies” — 5.48 million viewers

Episode 20, “The Day After Tomorrow” — 5.04 million viewers

Episode 21, “The Dawn Patrol” — 5.0 million viewers

Episode 22, “The College Try” — 5.45 million viewers

Episode 23, “The Party Favor” — 5.7 million viewers

Episode 24, “The Man of The Year” — 5.02 million viewers

Episode 25, “The Graduates” — 6.4 million viewers

Season 1, “The Rivals”–12.1 million viewers

Season 4, “The Avengers” — 3.38 million viewers


Season 1, “The Pilot”–7.5 million viewers
Season 2, “The Distance”–8 million viewers
Season 3, “The Aftermath”–7.6 million viewers

Season 4, “The Avengers” — 3.38 million viewers

Season 1, “The Ties That Bind”–10.7 million viewers
Season 2, “The Dearly Beloved”–7.5 million viewers
Season 3, “The Graduates” — 6.4 million viewers

Season 4, “The End’s not near, it’s here” — 6.67 million viewers

Season 1–10 million viewers
Season 2–8.5 million viewers
Season 3–5.85 million viewers


Season 4 – Weekly Ratings.

Episode 1, “The Avangers” — 3.38 Million Viewers

Episode 2, “The Gringos” — 3.58 Million Viewers 

Episode 3, “The Cold turkey” — 3.71 Million Viewers

Episode 4, “The Metamorphosis” — 3.78 Million Viewers

Episode 5, “The Sleeping Beauty” — 3.65 Million Viewers

Episode 6, “The Summer Bummer” — 3.8 Million Viewers

Episode 7, “The Chrismukk-Huh?” — 4.29 Million Viewers

Episode 8, “The earth Girls Are easy” — 4.51 Million Viewers

Episode 9, “The My Two Dads” — 3.94 Million Viewers

Episode 10, “The French Connection” — 3.80 Million Viewers

Episode 11, “The dream lover” — 3.95 Million Viewers

Episode 12, “The Groundhog day” — 3.65 Million Viewers

Episode 13, “The case Of the franks” — 3.82 Million Viewers

Episode 14, “The Shake Up” — 3.57 Million Viewers

Episode 15, “The Night Moves” — 3.63 Million Viewers

Episode 16 – The End’s not near, It’s here [The Series Finale] — 6.67 Million Viewers.


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  1. Manda Says:

    The OC may be losing there viewers and shows certainly don’t last forever so go out while people still watch so many will remember this season and its not that same. You’ve focused on depression, alcohol abuse, relationship breakdowns there really isn’t much left to show…the last season should be soon and it should be different and unique which will be hard since they have covered everything.

  2. alex Says:

    Shows don’t last forever and this one certainly wont… which is a shame. This show has some of the best writing, acting and music I’ve ever seen with some amazing plot lines and twists. The problem is it’s too different, with longer episodes and more in depth character building than most US TV shows allow. This isn’t my usual kind of show and it’s got a reputation for being ‘a lame US trashy soap’ which just isn’t the case. I’m addicted to the OC and once people start watching they’re hooked, the problem is getting new viewers… it’s been marketed as a trash-throw away- plot lined show like some kind of Saved By The Bell rip off but it’s so much more and that needs to be addressed by the TV networks and sorted. The new trailers look edgy and that’s how they need to be…

    Their audience is mostly late teens who can attach to the situations and the music is geared towards this age group as well… so with that in mind, why is the whole show so ‘polished’… the language I mean. People are taking drugs, having lesbian experiences and getting shot, yet I’ve never heard a real swear word or seen partial nudity. Weird?

    The idea of moving into new characters is interesting, and again has never been done on such a high profile show, but seems rather pointless. Surely the original fans may lose interest but I cant image this idea gaining the OC any new fans.

    Basically, I’ll be sad to see this one go as it’s truly my favourite show of all time. I love the dam thing. 5.5million viewers isn’t bad but I don’t think it’s enough to keep it going, and I’d image that this would be the last season unfortunately, yet I can’t imagine a show so well made being axed… I just don’t get it.

    It’s down to the makers to do something. Quit all the nice sunny happy talking and get the show edgy, raw and dynamic… what it should be… and sell it to the right crowd. Us British folk love it and there’s such a big market for it here so maybe the overseas ratings will save it… I don’t know.

    Anyway, I’ll go. Love not riots my young believers. x

  3. Kim Says:

    those ratings sooo shouldnt count! i know atleast 10 people who forgot to watch it or werent at home for some reason or another and are watching tivod versions tonight! they should count tivo’s 2!!!

  4. Katrina Says:

    I hate how the ratings have gone down nw they are going to cancel the show it has really gud actors and its my favourite program! So many people are attached to the show so i personally thing they shud do a 5th series at least i know its not going to last forever but they signed a contract for seven years its not going to go that long but season 4 shouldnt be the last season! C’mon watch the oc seson 4 u may be suprised! and u neva no thr cud be new story lines!

  5. thf Says:

    KIM, tivo actually is counted.

  6. Alex Says:

    TiVo is counted, but I believe it has weird rules. It has only just been counted (so it wouldn’t figure into season 1-3 ratings or anything), and I think they only count it if the show is TiVo’d and watched on the same day. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  7. Jasmine Says:

    Posso sapere gli ascolti della 1 e 2 stagione???

  8. Geoff Says:

    I luv the O.C. I am the biggest Mischa Barton fan ever and what the show to continue, season 4 has not started in the uk yet but i watched the first episode of season 4 on You Tube and it was so good. Its back to the amazing stuff like in season 1, i do think that the show needs a big lead female as all shows do, and as its mostly a girl show, they need one!!!!!! Looking back at season 3 and seeing The Avengers, ii was shocked, why didint they do this during season 3 and season 2. I was always going to watch season 4 even though i knew Mischa wasnt in, so plezz everyone plezzz watch seaon 4, we need more, Geoff xoxo

  9. tom9191 Says:

    the oc ISNT dead..i think season 4 is great! maybe der is no marissa..but der is Ryan/Seth/Summer and aswell Taylor..
    so plz more watchers for season 4!
    it cant die..

  10. Locke Says:

    Season 4 forever…………..

    Why OC just should have 4 seasons…. All the other f**** shows I know have many many more!!!!

    The OC 4- Life

  11. savetheoc Says:

    Yeah, THE OC 4 LIFE!

  12. RjjK Says:

    “Shows don’t last forever” – alex

    Umm look at law and order.
    OC rules, so shut ur trap.

  13. OcFanCuz Says:

    Even though the OC’s Season 4 has returned back to its witty storylines and outrageous twists, etc. The entertainment business will always be a business – so you’ve gotta understand that a show that started off with around 12 million views and now have around 4 million views has gotta get the ding.. LOL but i love the new season u know very very interested in the new Ryan and Taylor thing thats going on!!

  14. Robbie Says:

    the veiws go up each episode yay lol

  15. Rohan Says:

    I the oc is cancled I will be depressed. Almost everyone in my school watches it, ratings shouldn’t matter. The only thing i can think of to keep it on is switch the time to tuesdays of something. Nothing is on on tuesdays.

  16. Luke Says:

    well the oc is going to get axed, you have 2 face da faxs, even though it is the best show on tv * bring back marissa and can che leave town?

  17. Heidi Says:

    Okay..everyone is entitled to their opinion but for those ppl who are knockin The O.C should rant somewhere else..if u dont like it anymore w/e but clearly this is a site for those who support the show and dont want to see it go!!

  18. Tanya Says:

    I am a die hard oc fan but the only thing that is going to make those rating go back up is to bring marissa back to the o.c… the o.c started with the fab 4 and killed 1 main character off. And the fact that ryan is now dating taylor is just soooo unrealistic its going to lose even more viewers i rekon!!! But this is just in my opinion!!! The rating have gone since marissa died because marissa ryan summer and seth made that show and now everyone has just moved on like marissa barely existed!!!! The show use to be realistic!

  19. joshh Says:


    do you have all of the episode ratings from the first and second season also. if so i’d like to see them

  20. kafumu Says:

    the oc is the best show, the drugs,breakdowns,breakups and all around drama make it unique and enjoyable. you will never see a show with such flavour an oricinality that the oc has brought to the screen.

  21. Tiffany Says:

    There is rumor that this is the last season of the OC because of the competion for the time slot. If that is the only Reason move it to a different time or station. This cant be the last season I LOVE this show i have watch every episode. It is the BEST show ever.

  22. Jus Says:

    the OC is the best show ever.
    when it finishes i honestly am afraid my thursday will be incomplete.
    im very upset with this season ratings too!
    it might not be as good as season 1, but still great!

  23. Robbie Says:

    look at summer bummer ratings woo-hoo!!

  24. Thom Says:

    GO THE SUMMER BUMMER RATINGS!!! plz save the oc american fans so then the australian people can watch it as well!

  25. tom Says:

    if you’re one of those people who gave up on the show because season 3 wasn’t that great or because you love marissa, START WATCHING THE OC AGAIN.

  26. alick Says:

    where do you get your ratings from every where else that ive looked they say 2 million not 3

  27. MELISSA Says:

    hii please watch the oc it very cool
    t5he episode 7 it great please no lost

    kisss bye

  28. nataleee Says:

    the oc is soooooo gr8! i int seen the 4th series yet coz it aint startd in th uk yet…bt th tailers luk gr8! a recon th oc shud neva end its wkd!!!

  29. Joel Says:

    I can’t believe that season 4 has the lowest ratings out of all 4 seasons.
    I’m obsessed with the oc.
    I hope they don’t cancel the show.
    I’m scared.

  30. Andrea Says:

    Honestly, I like the 4th season!! I’ve been an avid OC fan since the very FIRST episode. I like the twists and cliff hangers that EACH season has given us. I think the writers are amazing and really bring a wide variety to the table. They really deserve more credit then they’re given. Keep up the good work guys!! OH & OC fans we really have got to step our game up so our beloved show won’t see cancelation!!

  31. Victor Says:

    Actual viewer ratings for Summer Bummber were actually 3.8 mil only..not 4.6

  32. savetheoc Says:

    ^^ Thanks for reminding me, i will change it now.

  33. alick Says:

    the oc wont end it has gone on now for almost 4 years and its still good. I dont know what people are talking about the 4th season is one of the best eva and some people say that the first few episodes were bad i thought they where the best eva

    OK so mirrisa died if that happed in real life people wouldnt give up on life like Ryan did i feel bad about marrisa dieing but nothing i do can bring her back so i look at the bright side. and i think that its good that ryan finally got over marrisa.

    Its still really gay about Ryan and taylor

    I think that there will be a 5th season and if there isnt going to be i thry should tell me now so i dont get even more angry when it does.

  34. MELISSA Says:

    oigan vamos algo es algo no vamos a dejar de ver the oc esta rebueno no podemos dejar q la saken del aire asi q a seguir viendo la serie porfa

  35. Pippa Says:

    Come on people oc is like the only programme away from chavs its got everythink the style, the stories, the boys, the girls,the emotions if you know anyone that dont watch it make them watch it. the oc is really easy to get people inot my brother got me my mum and my sister involed and you can to . OC the best programme make everyone know that. OC OC OC OC OC OC OC
    ps im engilsh so if you dont know what chav means it means somone with bad taste in almost everyting clothes personalities stuff like that CUM ON OC

  36. Jonas Says:

    I really hope that they aren’t shutting the show off, I’ve been watching it lika an addict since season 1. The problem is that I’m from Sweden, and we are kind of far behind you americans. I’ve heard of a homepage where you can see shows legally, i just wondered if anybody know what the adress to that homepage is. And please start watch the show in US, I can’t take it if they shut the show down beacuse there aren’t enough people watching probably the best teenage tv-show ever existed. Go O.C.!

  37. Robbie Says:

    good ratings

    the earth girls are easy are good ones..

  38. ocfan Says:

    i am so happy the ratings went up…. but greys anatomy is on rerun right now , so when it comes back to new episodes, our ratings will go down!!!!!!!!!!

  39. carene blackwood Says:

    the oc will never end cause it has a great cast although now that marissa has gone it wont be the same. i hope that summer and se will last for ever its a shame cause ryan will never find anyone as good as marissa. i hope the storylines are going to be fresh this season ps i love the oc especially ryan cause he is soooooo hot

  40. OcFanCuz Says:

    Everyone who wants Marissa back. This is to You: GET OVER IT! I just read someone saying that its so unrealistic that Ryan and Taylor are together, mate i’ve gotta tell you wouldn’t it be a tad more unrealistic if they brought back Marissa? What? She was buried alive? LOL and lived 9 episodes inside the coffin? I just watched the whole season 1 again and i don’t its better Marissa is gone. I noticed that Ryan was very unhappy. Problem after Problem after Problem.! If you’d stopped looking for the bad things about The O.C. You’d see that Season 4 is really really good..

  41. OcFanCuz Says:

    EDIT: ‘i don’t its better Marissa is gone.’ – ‘i think its better Marissa is gone’

  42. nateee Says:

    I don’t think Marissa should died!!!!

    The show was much better when she was there!!!!!

  43. shannon Says:

    i liked marissa but shes dead and nothing can change that!!! GET EVERYONE TOO WATCH IT THIS WEEK!!!!! then they can change there mind if they have more viewers. even if u dont like the how do something else but have the channel on it. it will get us past 4 million viewers(that is still a lot) WE NEED TOO SAVE THE oC PEOPLE HELP ME I DONT KNOW HOW I COULD LIVE WITH OUT IT!!!!!

  44. melzie Says:

    plz dont axs the OC it, its a really good show wif real ppz dont let the sun go down on the OC Tuesday nites will neva be the same. summer you rox

  45. Sure, season 3 had its share of fairly criticisable flaws…I don’t think anyone in their right mind could possibly deny that. Season 4, however, has had new life breathed into it. The writers have realized that the “my-life-is-so-horrible-I’m-going-to-throw-it-all-away- because-I’m-so-very-emo-please-feel-sorry-for-me” schtick has been flogged to death. They’ve created something entirely new, based upon what the show used to be. Notice how even though the ratings for this season started off low, but have been steadily increasing? There’s a reason for that, my friends!

    Let the execs know how you feel about this!
    (but please, and I realize it might be difficult, do try and sound as though you have a modicum of intelligence about you and that your opinion has been reasonably well thought out…none of this ‘OMG the oC rOx!!!!!!!! if it gets cancelled ill diiiiiiie’ Honestly kids, no one can take that seriously…and that could possibly be the reason for the Fox execs to ignore our pleas for the saving of the OC.

    – Sven

  46. greysanatomyfan Says:

    ::officially Canceled:: sorry …sad but true

  47. greysanatomyfan Says:

    go to the and read the official statement. 😦

  48. Piero Says:

    Germany love The OC

    Save The OC

    again again and again


    Germany fly to 300000 and more


  49. Karli Says:

    The O.C is like the best show ever! and it may be losing its viewers but its because they lost marissa (Mischa Barton) and thats probably why! but The O.C must go on. Its my ultimate favorite show and i cant live with out it! i have every season on my shelf. please dont cancel it! THE O.C CAN FIGHT BACKKK!!
    xox–love Orange County4 ev

  50. Karli]: Says:

    The O.C officially canceled): Last episode appears on Feb. 22nd.
    make sure u all watch the finale.
    wow ill

  51. lovetheoc Says:

    hey i am a massive oc fan and all my friends watch it. i think its so unfair ratings shouldnt matter its the only thing on on tuesday nights. everything else is boring. this sucks!

  52. abbey Says:

    what do they think there doing axing the OC its the best show that has come on in a LONG time and when i say LONG time i mean probably 4 years and thats a hell of a lot of years people. I have to agree though season 4 hasn’t been as good as the other ones but i the only reason it hasn’t is beacause marissa isn’t on the show anymore but i think the OC needs one more shot to prove its THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!

  53. Millie Says:

    The OC has been my favourite show for SOO long. Yes, the episodes have gone down hill but I’ve still stayed faithful to the best teen show ever.

    I agree with Abbey. The show should have 1 more chance to prove how great it could be.

    I’m gonna miss it =( I watched it every Tuesday night at precisely 8:30…now what will I watch!?

    Oh and Seth/Adam was sooo hot. I have a kinda shrine thingo in my bedroom- Yes, I am obsessed.

    Anways I’m going,

    Millie xox

    P.S. SAVE THE OC!!!!!!!!

  54. Robbie Says:

    wats the my two dads ratings
    dying to know..

  55. Daniele Says:

    Season 4 has been the best season yet. I have watched since season 1 and it is so much better with marrisa out…u can tell her heart was no longer in the show…it will be so sad if the oc is cancelled:( This is one of the best shows on the tv..

  56. mandy Says:


  57. Hi to everyone. Its the 1st time i comment here!
    i’m very sad with the announcemment of THE O.C.’s Cancellement =( it’s my favourite TV show ever! I think we really have to continue with our campaigns and have hope.
    As you wrote in this post, the viewers number’s is growing in this season and it’s one more reason for they keep THE O.C.
    I’ve tranlate your all campaigns to Portuguese (I’m from Portugal) and i’m putting it everywhere I can (I hope you don’t be mad with me). I’m asking my friends for some help and they are helping me and us.
    Please, don’t give up on THE O.C. we will win and the show will continue!

    My email is
    If you need help for something about THE O.C. please tell me because I will help in whatever i can!

  58. kelly Says:

    i live for the oc. i never miss an episode, if i did i would cry. i got a bunch of my friends into it. i love the oc. its quite possibly the best show on tv. its my all time favorite. its the only show i watch and i will be pissed when its over. i love, love, LOVE the oc and im really sad that its ending.

  59. sophia Says:

    i dont know if america love the o.c but australia loves the o.c…i love the o.c and we have to save the show..even if marissa is gone the show is still awesome and what show am i going to watch now? they’re all going to end someday but o.c shouldnt end now! its only the fourth season!?
    anyways save the o.c! i cant live without it 🙂 start a petition or something whatever it takes to save the o.c!

  60. rafael Says:

    this is the official petition, please post this everywhere..

  61. (email back) Says:

    Ok, the o.c has only had 4 seasons. Josh says “Oh the o.c has come to end” Well i’m sorry, but i find that utter crap. Since Marissa’s death the o.c has just gotten back on track, and may even be better than ever. Marissa’s death was a real dissapointment to the fans, but now that we have just gotten over that and actually was thankfull the o.c is still up and running, you yet again dissapoint us with this discrace. I am appauled. How can you let down your fans like this? You should be ashamed. FOX, prepare to loose viewers, you are gonna be so hated if you go through with this cancelation. And for you people out there that dont watch the o.c, please just for the fans, be considerate and leave your tv’s on every tuesday, 8:30 on channel 10, because every rating counts! C’mon! I’ts up to us to save the o.c! Bring on the ratings!

  62. dario Says:

    Slovakia miluje The OC 🙂

  63. Chadly Says:


  64. ronald adler Says:

    I love the show and espically this seaon, more comedy and better story lines. after ending tonight I dont know this will help ads for the FINal epposodes alittle upseting chnges day og the week or dont just give up

  65. OCFANN Says:

    The OC needs to move to another network!!!!!! It has to…this is the best season. If this show wasnt in time slot it is than the ratings would be a lot different!!!This show would run the CW network!!!!!!!!!!

  66. oc lover Says:

    Every week is stressful enough.
    Thursdays are the one night i can look forward to sit down, relax and watch my favourite show. Iv been watching the o.c since like forever and iv grown to love it. Although i prefure season 3 because Marissa Cooper was in it, season 4 is just as good. It needs a chance to be enjoyed. In the begining of season 4 i thought that it was getting a little dull, but as i started getting in the routine every thursdays again, it started to get better and better and even more exciting!. the O.C can totally relate to day and day life, i mean not totally.. . . but still. If they cancel the oc URGGGGGGGGGG

  67. loveryan Says:

    I love this show! I love the Taylor Ryan thing! I think this is the best season so far! Please keep it on! I look forward to Thrusdday nights now! I can’t beleive ther eare only 6 more left!

  68. Orlaith Says:

    who gives a s***te about htose ratings the OC cant finish theres sooo much more they cud do im after hearing that the OC cud be moved to CW after those B*****ds at FOX cancelled the best show on television. Yeh I know shows dont lkast forever but take FRIENDS yeh that was a gud show but the OC is as gud,if characters waant to leave just pay them more money. Any waythose ratings dont count for anything some groups of people cud hav watched it together or wer on there Hols and with all the piracy around a lot of people cud hav just downloaded it!

  69. Kate Says:

    They seemed to have forgotten about the rest of the viewers in the world.Im from Ireland and weve just started the fourth season but its still huge.I know that England and Australia are all really big fans still too.Just because people don’t watch it in America as much as they used to shouldnt mean it should be cancelled. Ive watched the first 10 episodes on youtube and still think its great.One Tree Hill just doesnt compare.

  70. aLISA Says:

    I think the O.c should not be cancelled and the stupid ratings are not fair. Sometimes people do not get a chance to watch it on Thursday night, so it is recorded, and watched that weekend. That does not mean they need to cancel it, a lot of shows have around 2-4 million viewers, but are not getting the same treatment as the o.c is. I am so disappointed that this is what has to happen. I hope they at least release season 4 on DVD to add to my other seasons, so i can watch them forever! PLEASE DON’T CANCEL MY SHOW!

  71. Hana Says:

    The reason why the oc is being cancelled is because mischa barton isnt in it anymore.
    Why did the produces kill marissa off. knowing full well that the oc will go down hill?
    I think they should do an episode where mischa comes back but like in a dream telling everyone what they should do about there lives to make it better?
    What you think?
    I hate it how shes dead now!
    &&& why is ryan giving tatlor presents and not marissa – she was the love of his life!

    Message to producers –
    One episode only bring marissa back, Dont care how just do it 😀
    Peace out X

  72. Renae Says:

    The O.C is the best show in the whole and if i miss i am sooo bummed. I love it and if i miss it i can`t wait till the season come out on dvd. I renat all the reason like 2 time or more each i love it sooo much i proballly yo anything to wacth it and if all the tv in my house are taken i whould sream get to watch it because i hate missing it but i only like miss like 4 episoles out of like 100 soooo liike don`t canel like all the girl in my shcool like watch we want to see at more and more so please DON`T CANEL THE O.C BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD AND EVERYONE LOVES IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

  73. amine Says:

    Hana i really disagree with you(REALLy!) marissa became too much of a drama queen. and as far as i know she’s a pretty bad actress. as you see the show is only getting better. they’ve had the best storylines till now on. and “The Shake Up” lookes amazing. i really don’t know why the ratings aren’t going up. and at this point i really don’t care. i just want to enjoy what’s left of the best show on earth. and for the truth to be told, Fox was going to cancel the oc at the end of season 3(marissa or no marissa) cuz they saw that the ratings were going down.
    but anyways just forget the ratings and all that stuff. cuz we all know that the oc is the best show ever.

  74. Joel Says:

    I disagree with u both.
    Mischa Barton is not a crap actor and i also think the show is gr8 without and with her.
    A show cant b cancelled just because 1 actor left. There was still 6 more main characters in the 3rd seaon and I think Marissa had done alot on The OC and if they kept her they probly wouldnt no wat 2 do with her a little.
    Besides like Amine said the storylines in the 4th season r gr8 so lets just enjoy wats left.

  75. Tom Says:


    Who’s with me?

  76. savetheoc Says:

    ^^ hell yeah lol.. THE OC FOREVER!! 😛

  77. nikki Says:

    SAVE THE OC !!!!!!!!!!!! theres ways of doin it

  78. Josh P. Says:

    I Love the OC and am a huge fan and i really think season 4 is amazing even thought my favorite character coop is gone ive sadly moved on and gave it a huge second chance and i was shocked at how good of a come back they had!!!!! I really wish that the ratings would sky rockette and i know that there camcelled and that fox would change there mind and at least order 10 more eps to bring them to a 100th episode i mean wut A** holes they were to do that!!!!!! but oh well lets enjoy it while it lasts! 😦

  79. grace Says:

    i really dont wont the o.c 2 end but not everything lasts forever! and i really miss merissa!x thankx

  80. sandra Says:

    i hate all those people that watch american idol greys anatomy that sux. If u take away theo.c from me i will die. Every1 at my school watches it. We talk about it in school even the teachers. I miss merissa so much!!!!!!! The o.c is made for t.v its what is made for me. Stupid american idol with gey singers its sooo boring the o.c is actually about real life real problems and its sooooo exiting and intresting to watch I would watch it for hours. Please dont cancel the o.c . Please i will be soo sad. Dont care about those dumb people watching american idol and that shit. Who cares. You are the heros. Please at least 2 more seasons i watched it from the first season!!! I love u o.c

  81. sandra Says:


  82. sandra Says:

    what show am i going to watch now fox. Some gey american idol kingof queens what shit. Seriously that is cruel and i am getting piised of. Marissa is the best and talor is annoying so if u made her normsl more people would watch it.I love u summer and seth!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Val Says:

    Hey. I love the o.c i watched the 1 season in 2 days. I dopn’t think they should cancel the show its way to good. Who cares about teh rates don’t cancel it. Let the people who love oit watch it. I think they should make a couple more seasons. I even herd they might sell it to the WB. I wish they do so we can watch it. They would have to keep the actors and keep the same storie sop people like us can still watch one of our favprite shows.


  84. ness Says:


  85. TIGER Says:

    SAVE THE OC :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  86. jessica Says:

    Oc is the best program ever . . This is soo sad . :,(

  87. jessie_oooc Says:

    fuck the FOX , how could they do this.. i don`t understand.. DAMN SHIT

  88. Arron Says:

    Save it now

  89. . Says:


  90. STEPHH Says:

    over 3 million of us LOVE the OC KEEP IT



    i*m like CRYING

  91. Tyler Says:

    The first time i ever seen the Oc i thought it was kinda stupid but then i grew with it and not this shit happens like wtf its so retarted it was my favorite show of all time.

  92. Tyler Says:

    Fox Sucks Ass

  93. talj Says:

    im so fuckin mad that the god damn oc is over like wtf why did they put it off air like there ass faces and they shouldnt be controling the tv buisness if they dont noe when and when not a god damn show should go off the air like ahhhhhhhh im so fuckin mad!! u noe what they should do they should bring it bak for like 5 more seasons just to surprise ppl. it was my fave show in the world and i noe this may sound corny but the last episode and a bunch of different episodes made me cry!!! i have never ever missed an oc episode that at least i havent taped to watch later but anyway im so f****** mad that its not on anymore i could kill somebody

  94. ocs biggest fan Says:

    fuck im mad watch out world i might kill u!

  95. jonnyboi Says:

    the quality of the show really did go way down over the years, especially this year, but i could not look away. I simply had to have my weekly OC fix. Definitely a mistake to kill Marissa tho. I guess we know now that about 1.5 or 2 million people watched that show because of her. I don’t blame them.

    shit happens!

    I got more and more displeased with the overall outcome of the show, but I will miss it anyway

    R.I.P. OC.

  96. IMPORTANT..READ!!: The O.C Season Four Finale was the best ever episode I have ever seen,but Season 1 the first ever epsiode was a great one too. Not only will The O.C be remembered,and most talked about show in years time,its even better than Laguna Beach,90120,Beverly Hills,and all those other Teenage Drama shows. They cancelled it because of The Ratings!!..I mean at least people were watching it…I mean the last episode got 6.67 MILLION VIEWERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!..thats alot if you ask me. its not like the whole world is going to watch it. Yesterday I did some searching about Josh Scwartz and the future of the o.c and this is what I found. JOSH SCWARTZ:”Season Four isnt the end of The O.C,its just the beginning. I will definetly bring it back,but not right now. we all need a break,it may be 5 or 4 years before I bring it back”. see? so dont worry O.C fans who dont want it to end..The O.C will come back…and if ur worrying if the actors are gunna be very old people..they wont!…they are all still young…Benjamin Mckenzie will be about 28..or 29.In 5 years,Rachel will be like 25,Adam will be like 28,Autumn will be like 26…or they might be in their 30’s…but…I would say Josh Scwartz..would get new people and Charcters…it would be like going back in time from when Season 1 started. that would be awesome. new Characters. new o.c….maybe it could be Seth and Summers Kid,Kirsten and Sandy’s kid,Taylor and Ryan’s kids…like their life and what happens to them. That would be fab. But..even though The O.C has ended. We can watch it on Dvd..whenever we like. over and over and over again. :).great times..and I gurantee that there will be a new tv show like The O.C that will come on to telly,while The O.C is gone-but it wont be for long. Me and My friend Ashley Broadbent-Nelson are going to be Directors and Writers when we are older…and if The O.C never ever ever comes back…then we are going to bring it back. (but only with help..and Asking Josh Scwartz about it. Ok? isnt that awesome. lol. WHOS WITH ME? p.s I am absolutely Serious about everything I just told you. 🙂 from The O.C fans. Lauren and Ashley.

  97. abz Says:

    hey the oc forever r u serious about bringing back the oc
    if u r let me know and i will do anything to help

  98. Mario07tm Says:

    hey i hope the oc does come back ..some day in the next 3 to 5 years … i guess that’s what we all want to think… THE OC FOREVER !!!! BEST SHOW EVER !!!

  99. danielle Says:

    all the seasons.
    were simply great.
    i wish it lasted longer.
    the last episode.
    broke my heart.
    i will forever hate thursdays now.
    what the heck do i watch now.

  100. Aaron Says:

    You can’t be right, because Ben is already 28 or 29

  101. dEEPAK Says:


  102. ana lucia Says:

    TAILOR O COMO TE LLAMAS eres una perra y crees que vas a remplazar a la marissa estas muy equibocada puta perra eres una maldita ojala que te valla bien mal el resto de tu vida por querer ocupar un lugar en “the o.c.”que no es tuyo es de la marissa muerete………………………..


  103. danni Says:

    yeh evry1 is right the o.c shuld go on forever but in a way i think with marissa gone it gives more dilemas and oportunities . i loved marissa as much as the next person but it is better without her. anyway im buyin all the box sets so even though it wont b on 4ever i can watch it wenever i like .

  104. hann Says:

    omg they need to bring the OC back this is soooo not fare i personally LOVE the shpw and am soooooooooooooooooooo sad that it is gone and i want it to come back soo many people still love and they still waant to watch it!!! Why didnt they just change the day or the channel (ugggggggggggggg)i msoo sad and mad

    R.I.P O.C!!!!!!

  105. Oc lover = hanna Says:

    Oc come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this suchs i hate this !the last episode was to short they should have had a speical or something and made it long because it was the last one . i would have still watched if it was on i was not ready for it to end this is no fare i love the OC it was and is the best show ever i could watch i all day long i own all of the seasons and watch them alot!! they ened it so quick i want to no if seth and summers wedding is good or seths new sis ter hrows up to be! And does julie ever get hiicked????? And pancakes what happens to him?? and ryan does he help that boy does it start all over ??? they left me with sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomany questions !! i know the show was not gonna last forever but i did not want it to end this soon !!!!!!!

    R.I.P O.C.

  106. Igor Says:

    Well it is defenetly over…

  107. Bobby Says:

    The show is over and the sad thing is that the cast members them selves are happy with it. I think that us as fans need to understand that they are actors, and that they are doing a job. I know that every O.C. fan including myself would have love to see a season 5, but with out the casts support and them fightning for another season it was hopeless. I just don’t understand why FOX set up the save the O.C. sight when they new that they were going to cancel the show. Feb 22, 2007 was a sad day for this O.C. fan.

  108. OCFAN (Seen every Second Of The OC) Says:

    I would of liked to see like a tribute episode where the casts came together for just like a talk about favorite episodes and scenes. and maybe even an add on to the finale, explain did Ryan and Taylor get together for it didn’t go into details at the end.I really want to see something like that on the dvd would be great.

  109. Jordan Says:

    What an incredible ending to Season 4!!! That whole last sequence where they fast forwarded through an tied-up with Seth and Summer marrying and Julie graduating and Ryan helping out a younger version of himself…incredible.

    I think towards the end of Season 4, the wit really came back. I think in Season 2 and Season 3 they substituted a lot of trash instead of the witty dialogue and subsequently the plots really became more and more unrealistic and dragging onwards. I’m glad Season 4 ended well. I’m definitely going to watch the finale a couple more times over the next couple wks.

  110. Bobby Says:

    As per this website, it seems to me that the reason why the O.C. end was because of it’s fan base. If we as the fans could have kept the rating numbers up the show would still be on for another month(per the 6 eps that they cut). I went to school with Ben Mckenzie, at UVA and though I did not know him personnelly. I saw him in a couple of school plays, and he will move on and do great things in his acting career, but I also know the he will never forget his role in the O.C.

  111. amy Says:


  112. O.C. FOREVER Says:

    omg….i canot beleiove that its all over…all that time sitting on the sofa watching episope after episode and impatiently waiting for the next episode the air….if the makers were our age they would understand how it felt to laugh and cry at the episodes with your friends and dream that u were sat in the diner joining in there conversation…we might be able to watch our box sets each day….but they have broken our hearts taking away what makes the o.c what a person lives and breaths….they can take away the best program ever to be made…EVER….but they cannot take away our pride….maybe 10 million people dont watch it even though they should…but did they ever think that the people who do watch it have there hearts melted at the sight of ryan and laugh everlasting at seth and dream that we looked like summer and taylor….who cares if marissa is gone its her loss…it dosent meen that it shud end and break the lives of those who watch it….i love the o.c. and even tho its gone it wont b in my hart xxx

  113. O.C. FOREVER Says:

    y r they cancellin it coz marissa is gone a meen taylor and ryan r so much cuter togeva x

  114. pedro Says:

    I will just ask one thing. can you even imagine the millions in the world that see and love The OC?
    The people of fox are just stu….. and why cant do nothing about it. They have lame shows and they just shut down The OC? bahh

  115. angela Says:

    why mischa is out in the oc?its so bad i like her

  116. zoran Says:

    can u get the ratings for season 1+2

  117. roy Says:

    season 1 was brilliant , season 2 was good but season 3+4 was bad and that why alot of viewers left the show

  118. Michelle Says:

    i have to agree that season 1 was the best season 2 was ok and season 3 and 4 ..not too great!!..and i dont think that micha is the problem…yeah she may not have had her heart in it in season 3..but do you blame her? if i were given the same depressing storylines i would be unhappy too. Josh could have done so much more with her character, made more of a better life for her a happy one maybe her any ryan would have been happy..but i have got to say with all the drama she never lied to ryan and always stuck by him, and i dont think putting him and taylor together in season 4 was the smartest idea..i think ryan should have spent more time on himself getting his life back and focusing on other things instead of taylor…i really didnt like her is season 3 to be honest when she tried to break up summer and seth…she tricks people into liking her instead of just being herself and she does that in season 4 with ryan..i just felt like there relationship was rushed and forced..i just dont see how taylor was the one for him all along when they hardly spoke in season 3 or had scenes together. well at least summer and seth made it 🙂 and all this is just my opinion not meant to offend anyone.

  119. Ana s Ops Says:

    In my opinion the oc is losing viewers ’cause marissa’s death! of course oc has another caracters but Marissa was and will allaways be Marissa and no1 can replace her! The oc viewers who didn’t realised that oc could continue without her are really making me sad!!!! ’cause of them we won’t see no more series of OC!
    PLZ give us OC back!!!
    PLZ forget the audiences and continue with OC!!!
    I know it’s to late but i´m just making a last wish!!!
    Writing from: Portugal

  120. Chen Says:

    I Love The O.C!!!

  121. helene Says:

    i love the oc… rocks…

  122. mirco Says:

    I Love O.C.!I will more O.C.,5.staffel..!

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